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    How to Sync iPhone 3GS Video BACK into iPhone? This page explains how to sync the video files you take on your iPhone 3GS. It is very easy, in fact. Now my question is, how do you sync those video files back into your iPhone? That's equally easy to do for still pictures. Just include...
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    AT&T gives iPhone customers free Wi-Fi At LONG last!
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    Husdon's "Aqua Forest" etc. are free until October 12

    Hudson is doing a "free download campaign" while Tokyo Game Show 2008 is going on. The deal is that you will be able to download the following three games for free until October 12. Aqua Forest Catch the Egg NeoSameGame Thought I'd share the information with you guys. Dai
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    Contacts birthdays and calendars...

    Just a quick question. Is there a way to automatically reflect a birthday data added to a contact onto the Calendar? That is, when you add a birthday data to a contact, is it possible for the data to show up as an all-day event saying "XXX's birthday" on the Calendar? TIA, Dai
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    Firmware 2.1 to be available on Friday

    From the "Let's Rock" conference... I sure hope 2.1 will be as great as Jobs cracks it up to be!
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    Apple makes September 9 iPod event official Let's see what kind of surprise we are going to get. :)
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    Wikipedia on iPhone

    I've just found the iPhone application named Wikipanion. I've only been using it for about half an hour, but I find it to be a useful application.
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    Changing the sound for new mail notification?

    Hi. I am wondering if there's a way to change the sound of the new mail notification. I find it odd that you can freely change your ringtone (i.e. the incoming phone call notification), but not the mail notification sound. I'm pretty sure it cannot be done as-is, but I'm wondering if there's an...
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    "Simplify Media" application is great! I've just tested the "Simplify Media" application. It lets you listen to your music stored in your home computers remotely on your iPhone. Sure sounds like Apple's Remote app, but Simplify Media has a lot more to offer. It works via 3G/EDGE as well as via Wi-Fi...
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    SMS Usage Poll

    I am just wondering how my fellow iPhone users utilize SMS. I myself don't use it at all. My monthly plan doesn't even include SMS. Neither does any of my close friends. OTOH, SMS seems to be a fairly popular method of exchanging information quickly. So here's my poll about SMS usage among the...
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    Does Pandora block access from abroad?

    Hi. I have a question about the Pandora application. Several people in Japan have told me that they can't access music through Pandora, getting an error message that says "Unable to sync stations." In the meantime, I've had no such trouble. Does Pandora only allow access from within the U.S.?
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    How to get rid of the shutter sound?

    I am wondering whether it is possible to get rid of the shutter sound of the iPhone camera? I don't have any ill intension behind this. I just don't think I need to let the world around me know that I am taking pictures using my iPhone. Thanks!
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    YouTube quality difference between Wi-Fi and 3G?

    Hi. I've noticed that the same YouTube movie shows up with a significantly lower resolution when my iPhone uses 3G compared with when it uses Wi-Fi. I tried three different movies and saw the same pattern in all of them. Is it because the YouTube site has two versions for the iPhone, or does...
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    Question about international phone roaming...

    Hi. I supposed I could call AT&T, but I'd rather get help from the kind souls like you than wait on the phone for 20 minutes for a rep who has no idea what he/she's talking about... I live in the U.S. Naturally, my iPhone has a U.S. phone number (206-xxx-xxxx). Now if I took my iPhone abroad...
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    Measuring the 3G network speed?

    Measuring the 3G network speed Hi. I've found a web site that claims it checks the network speed of the iPhone. I wonder how reliable the results from this test are?