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    Need help - iPod will not sync

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply in such a thorough manner. I tried your suggestion in point one and it worked. After deleting the software updates iTunes recognized the iPod. Then the iPod synced and all of my songs transferred with no error messages. I am so grateful for...
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    Need help - iPod will not sync

    I am having trouble with my latest iPod that I have had for a few months. I wanted to change the music on my iPod (160gb) so made a new list and attempted the sync the songs. All went well for a while then it encountered a problem (I think the reference was -50 but not sure). So I thought I...
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    Ipod skipping....very weird

    Hi all I have had various ipods for many, many years so am used to importing music into iTunes and then transferring to my ipod. Now I am having a problem I have never encountered before in all those years....... Recently I added about 30 - 40 albums to my ipod - that was fine they all...
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    Syncing problem

    Hopefully there will be a simple solution to this. I have around 16000 songs on my ipod. Every now and again I take albums off my playlist and put new ones on. When I sync my ipod to iTunes instead of just syncing the new changes which would only take a few minutes it starts from the beginning...
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    Problem with multi disc albums

    In the past when I have an album that has say 3 cds I was able to go right click> get info and put disc 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3. In my music folder the files would then show up as 1-01, 1-02 right through the first disc and the 2-01, 2-02 and so on. Now I do the same with itunes 12 but in the...
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    Playlist question

    Recently I had to reinstall iTunes onto my pc. I have about 100,000 songs on iTunes and had created some playlists that I absolutely love. Some of these playlists I transferred to my ipod (160gb). Of course now I have reinstalled iTunes these playlists are no longer there. Do I have to manually...
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    Change look of iTunes

    Because of a problem with my pc I had to reinstall the latest version of iTunes and then copy over all my music again. That is all done now but I notice that the look of iTunes has changed. I liked it when there were columns for my music library showing artist, track title, album, grouping ...