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    WTB: White plastic plug for dock connector port

    This may sound like a silly request, but I've managed to re-assemble ALL of the components of my 3rd-gen iPod except this one piece, and I'd like to be complete. I swear that this must have been the most bling-filled unit Apple ever sold, with a dock, wired remote, caps at both ends of the sync...
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    Is it possible to correct the Shuffle's VoiceOver pronunciation?

    As could be expected, VoiceOver on the Shuffle does not pronounce every word correctly. I can correct this problem on my Mac through the VoiceOver control panel, but it does not appear that the desktop settings get transferred to the Shuffle. UNLESS? Does somebody know a way?:confused:
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    Can anything be done to enable "Faster" playback of CD-ripped audiobooks?

    I've been reading all of the threads in this forum, and I tried the suggestion (renaming my m4a's to m4b's). I also set the Genre to "Audiobook," but that doesn't enable the "Faster" mode. "Bookmarking" works great, but the only files that (a) appear in the iTunes 6 search pane as Audiobooks...
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    Will my 3G iPod work with USB 2.0 in Panther?

    My lovely bride just gave me an iPod nano as an anniversary gift. From now on, I'll be using this one with limited music selections for outdoor activities, but I still have a 3G, 15-GB model containing my entire Library that I'll want to retain as a car/office/travel jukebox. Rather than have...
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    Album art not appearing on nano

    Subject says it all. I do not see album art on my nano screen. I do not have any manually-imported art, I'm just looking for what came with my iTunes Music Store downloads. I can't find a setting to turn artwork on or off in the nano menus, or in any of the documentation, so I'm assuming that it...
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    Is anybody working on a "car dock?"

    I'm about to buy a 3rd-gen Pod, and I'd like to use it "seamlessly" in the car. Right now, looking through the commercial links and reviews here, it appears like you can *almost* get there with a combination of the Belkin Auto Kit and a PDA holder, or possibly an Apple dock used with the DLO...