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    tv shows not grouping correctly in 4.2.1

    Ok here's the deal. i have several different tv shows that i have tagged correctly and added to itunes. i have been doing this for YEARS so i know how to tag them correctly. I use a ipod 5.5 gen and an ipod touch that HAD 4.1 and an ipad on 3.2.1 everything worked fine. then i upgraded...
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    Internet Radio Help!!

    Ok, another thread got me thinking about internet radio and i was looking at the applications i had on my touch and a few new ones. My problem is that it is overwhelming. where to start!??! Here are some of the Apps i have installed. Just looking for opinions. Thanks. Pandora...
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    multitask v. what we have now

    I am debating the update that is upon us. I am leaning against it due to the fact that i like the functionality of the lock screen switch that they just HAD to mess with. Anyway, back on topic. Could someone explain the difference in what 4.2 offers as far as multitasking and what we have...
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    TV Shows view on the iPad... help!

    Quick question... i have several shows loaded on my ipad. when i go into the video program, i choose between TV Shows and Podcasts (the only two showing) and i choose TV Shows.. then a grid of thumb nails show up. Each Thumb nail is for a season of shows. Problem is that none of them are...
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    bestskinsever/invisible shield and other case?

    My ipod touch should be enroute any day now (lets get on the ball Amazon!!! i did PRE-order you know) and i will immediately put a bestskinsever invisible shield on it as i have with every ipod i have ever owned. My question is, do any of you use an "invisible shield" type product and still...
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    Are Smart Playlists updating still broken

    i know this subject has been beaten to death in here. But i was just wondering about the current status. I know no one knows about the new ipod touch with 4.2 but before that, has it been taken care of? New ipod touch on order and i would hate to give up an actual function that i have been...
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    The inevitable which iPod did you order and from where

    I'll start. I held out all the way till the 3rd. I had a tough time deciding if i wanted/needed an ipod touch or not. I was really bummed about not getting a larger size this time around. That is the primary reason i didn't get one last year and have been hanging on to my 5.5 gen.... that...
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    Just thinking about FaceTime

    You know what would make facetime a smash hit? How about a desktop app, or built into itunes (please don't do that!) Think about it. Sure they are trying to get people to buy the itouch/iphones but for when you are at your pc or (gasp!) mac it would be great. Poor skype.
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    Flash for ipad!

    has anyone seen this yet? I was going to skip the ipad in favor of an android or, dare i say, a windows based tablet in the fall when the market gets flooded. main reason being lack of flash. but if this pans out, i will be ordering my ipad that day. anyway, here is the link. CNET: Dev...
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    wife greenlit me to buy ipad

    ok, so my wife has given me the go-ahead to buy a new ipad. But i am torn over wheter or not i actually should get one or wait. I know this may not be the place to ask, being an "apple I everything" lounge." but i will put it out there anyway. Every time i turn around there is news of...
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    The next iPod touch leaked i am glad i waited. The camera is the thing that i really want. Been playing with a touch for the...
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    Who replaced your ipod nano battery

    I have an ipod nano 2nd generation that needs battery replacement. i have done it myself on several different 5 gen ipod's but i don't feel up to the soldering required to do the nano. i was wondering if anyone else had it done and who they used. The only one i found so far was
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    instant classic?

    Ok, in my opinion the ipad is a very useless, and stupid product. itouch on steroids... but this product for it is flipping sweet!!!!
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    How do i do this in itunes?

    OK, this is probably a pretty basic question. One that i already have a solution for, but i am looking for something more eloquent. I have lots of music on my ipod. For each artist i have lots of songs but, of course, i have my favorite songs. My question is what is the easiest way to sort...
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    NO ONE uses ipods. its true, i offer "proof"

    I've determined that NO ONE actually uses ipods. You want proof? Well today i was browsing flea-bay and Craigslist.. (always on the lookout for good 5.5 gen ipods) Anyway, just about every listing on both sites goes something like this: "Almost new ipod, rarely used" or "never left the house"...