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    BeeJive or IM+?!

    I recently downloaded IM+ for $10 because BeeJiveIM was $15.99 and I couldn't find substantial informaton online about which was better and reviews were similrt or didnt mention it being better then the other so opted for the cheaper one. I had a Blackberry 8700 & Curve previous to switching to...
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    My girlfriend is deaf in one there a way to make her iPod mono?

    Hey dudes my gf is dead in her right ear and I want to make her iPod only play through the left ear bud because as of now she probably missing all sorts of guitar parts, background vocals etc from things being panned left or right - is there a way to fix this problem? THANKS!
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    80GB iPod Classic PROBLEM shuts on / off apple logo when plugged in!

    Hi my iPod Classic when plugged in won't mount / charge it just keeps turning on / off over and over and giving me the Apple logo - Any ideas? Do you think plugging it into a wall outlet might help or I don't know any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Has anyone seen Saves the Day this 2007 tour?

    Im going thursday and don't want to see Say Anything and was wondering who plays first??
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    Mac Theme for Blackberry 8700G

    Hey I have the TMobile Blackberry 8700G and want a mac theme so bad basically the browser icon is safari the messages icon is mail etc Ive seen 'MacBerry' which is fine but I can't find the OTA install files anywhere HELP!!
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    iBook keyboard question!!

    Hey guys i recently bought a old 14" iBook G4 off eBay but the keyboard is missing a few keys and the other keys are extrmley faded I know someone with a 12" iBook that doesnt work anymore but the keyboard is fine. Is the keyboard the same size? would I be able to put his keyboard on my iBook...
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    Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

    It leaked! anyone heard it yet? I downloaded it about a week ago and was actually impressed, "Dashboard" has been out for a month or two now and with that one track I was expecting the worst from this band. I have listened to them for years and years and years and LOVE the old stuff, the...
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    Selling my iMac G4 and buying a Intel iMac probably mid march although I hear Leopard is being released late/end march and I'm assuming it would come pre-loaded on all mac's starting soon after that so do you guys think it would be in my best interest to wait until the end of march beginning of...
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    Can't add anything to the iPod in iTunes??? HELP

    I restored my roommates iPod, then brought it to my computer renamed it cause im buying it off him for my other roommate/girlfriend and I tried adding music to it and got this message: "Attempting to copy to the disk "Rebecca's iPod" failed. The disk could not be read from or written to." I...
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    Error w/ Folder SOMEONE HELP!

    Hey I'm not new to the iPod I've had almost every one including the new 5.5 but trying to fix my roommates iPod right now one second it was working FINE 100% fine all I wanted to do was restore it do delete everything and start fresh so I docked it and hit restore then something bad happened...
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    Blackberry on a mac PLEASE HELP

    Hi I downloaded "PocketMac" and it works great with contacts, e-mail etc but when I download BlackBerry Freeware such as games, apps etc their in ".exe" files and don't open on the mac does anyone own/know how to get past this so I can load apps/games etc onto my blackberry without having to...
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    How many songs does everyone have!!

    10,410 songs, 25.2 days, 45.17 GB never enough!!!!!!
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    Mac OSX dock logo files, need to get those, WHERE?!

    You know the iTunes, Finder, Safari, Photoshop etc all the programs you have on your computer where are the logo files located like the "buttons" you click on in the dock I'm modding my Sidekick3 menu/backgrounds/sounds to be apple-esque and need those logos to change some of the standard ones...
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    iPods = A's on test!

    Anyone ever use the handy note & photo feature on their iPod to become an A student hahahaha I'm so good at art history now.... !!
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    i know they said thats not the final name and ithink this is why ITV (Independent Television) is the name given to the original network of British commercial television broadcasters, set up under the Independent Television Authority (ITA) to provide competition to the BBC. prob already...