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    that little file icon

    I have a second generation ipod and just got a new battery that i found advertised here. that little fil apears in the window, sometimes and other times the check mark ok to disconnect appears. most of all it wont mount. I have the latest updater and the flash of electricity bar never...
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    Is it synching in the true sense?

    Hi, I began synching yesterday as a way of putting music on my new generation 10G &20G iPods, after downloading the new version of MC9. I am still in awe of how good the new MC9 is, I could spend all day playing with it. But I have a few questions. 1: How can I tell which version I am using...
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    Can't Unmount iPod (in restore)

    As you suggested, Adam, I put the two restorers in a folder. I've twice used the 2.0 and the bar comes across, but finally when ended, says "can't unmount iPod". I then unplug, get my quick electricity, choose language, and wait for re-charge. It seems fine but should I worry about the...
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    All Songs Suddenly Dissappear

    Well, remember how I said it was sooooo easy? One hour after d/l 750 or so songs, I plug it in to the PC to show my partner how it works, and there was nothing there, although the available size is dimminished. WHAT GIVES? Christopher
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    New iPods take 2.0 Updater???

    I called Apple to discuss some things and the guy said the new iPods have a new updater (2.0). Some time ago I asked the question here whether I could share my PC with and old and new iPod, and the quick reply was, yes, but of course not at the same time. I have the new iPod and am wondering...
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    The Little File Icon (what is it?)

    Hello, We got the new 10G iPod (the second iPod used on one PC) and I quikly downloaded a special playlist which will hold music just for this iPod. I have two questions: 1. The new 10G came in on a new letter (E:) and was recognized by MC9, after a couple of tries. The 20G iPod was given...
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    Smartlists Anyone?

    Hi ALL, I have found some people so excited about smart lists, that I wonder if anyone would like to share some experiences with someone who can't see what they're all about... examples, convince me. LONG LIVE MC9!
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    Smartlists? ADAM could you teach?

    Adam, At some point could you do a tutorial on creating and using smartlists? I've read both your directions and the ones in MC9, and I can't get a grasp of what they are! Most of my my music is in the POP or ROCK genre, so please don't use genre as an example. Step by step please. THANKS...
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    Can I Use Two Ipods On One PC

    My partner would like to get an iPod. Will there be any problems recognizing the new iPod AND my few month old 20G? Also, are the iPods working perfectly with MC9? Thanks, Christopher
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    Did We disengage the iPod drive?

    Adam, Just a thought--- for one of these applications (xplay, ephpod, etc.) your instructions included (I think) disengaging the iPod drive when changing from MusicMatch. I just vaguely remember this. This recogniton thing has plagued me now for 5 months. It is a nightmare beyond anyhting I...
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    EphPod Doesn't Recognize my iPod

    Hi Adam, In the other lounge I began to ask why ephpod is not recognizing my ipod. Sometimes when I start up the loading bar comes right up and other times it asks me to go through the steps to choose where to send the files. You answered that the camera and other things are throwing things...