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    Video output option vanished?

    I play both fullscreen and widescreen videos on my Alpine w404 regularly. I just got finished converting/cropping all of my favorite stuff into .mp4 and without bars (such as a widescreen video matted on a fullframe). But now since version 5, my image on the alpine is slightly shrunk. There's...
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    Audio difference in head units from ipod

    I own a Sony MEX2600 (mainly for the wireless bluetooth interface with my ipod, sounds identical to the aux connection) and plan on upgrading my 6 speakers to something in the $350 range, probably Alpines. Might upgrade my stock amp and sub later, too. I know people swear by the higher end...
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    iTunes is laggy doing certain things no matter how good your system is?

    Like when I add a ton of music at once to the program, it starts doing that "processing artwork" and "determining gapless playback" routine, and it slows iTunes down quite a bit, even though my system is showing no demand for RAM or CPU power. Is this just iTunes being slow or is there something...
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    Best/Worst "Cover Version" songs?

    This has probably been done before, but I didn't see anything recently, so...I was wondering what you guys/gals think are the best/worst covers songs that groups have attempted? Songs that both amazed you or downright let you down after you heard the cover for the first time. Best: "All Along...
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    What the HELL...! (repair related/rant)

    I sent my damn iPod in November 7th, they recieved it the 8th, it took them 10 ******* days to find a problem, and ordered a replacement on the 17th. Why the HELL haven't I received one yet? They haven't even shipped the damn thing. And to make matters even more joyous, they cut me off...