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    iTunes keeps pausing

    Hi, Over the last couple of months my iTunes every so often would pause at some random point in a song for a second or so & continue ok, however the wait has become longer, it could be 20 - 40 secs now & not just one son here & there but nearly every track I play. My iTunes library is on a...
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    ipod/itunes library not enough space?

    Hi there I have over 200gb of music in my itunes library which obviously wont fit on to my 160GB ipod. My question is how do i de select the stuff i dont want on my ipod & how do i know when i have deselected enough space. I dont want to if possible delete the stuff completly off the library...
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    iTunes won't open

    HI, In the last day or so for some reason my iTunes will not open on my pc. When i click on the icon nothing happens. Has anyone got any ideas please Thanks PS - Im runing windows 7 (64 bit)
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    CDs not importing

    Help, Im trying to add songs into my Father in laws Itunes but for some reason its not importing, its just skipping through them The cd is recognised through the internet but it seems its only importing about 5% if that. I have uninstalled & reinstalled itunes but it still doesnt work...
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    IPod Nano wont charge

    HI, My mother in law has just bought a new ipod 8gb nano, but for some reason the ipod only wants to charge off the PC. I have tried charging from the mains using my apple charger & cable & also one of those travel speakers and get the same message on the ipod saying basically the ipod will...
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    problem transfering media folder

    Hi, i hope someone can help & apologies for this being a bit longed winded Starting from scratch would be best, at the moment all my music is on a external harddrive (DRive G), however i just bought a bigger External Hard drive & i want to transfer my music over to the new drivr (drive H). I...
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    itunes not reconising some files

    Hi Guys, hope you can help, all of a sudden itunes wont play some files. The exclamation mark comes up & goes to the file but the file has all symbols in it like squares etc Is there anyway i can correct this or is it importing the cds again cheers chewey
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    External hard drive keeps connecting & discon

    Hi there, I hope someone can help me with this problem that I have. A couple of months ago i transfered my itunes library over to an external HD,I also changed where anything new was placed in the external & not in the "MY Music" file where it used to be.However up until recently my external...