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    Hello iLoungers. Has anyone used the website I have posted? If so, would you recommend it or vote against it? I'm thinking of buying an LCD for my Nano 1st Gen by the way. CORRECTION: Sorry, I put the wrong site it is KINGIPOD.COM
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    Can I get some feedback?

    I am thinking about getting some new phones and I was looking into these. i am wondering if anybody can give me some feedback on their experience with them: Thanks
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    Shure E4C for $130

    Classifieds, to good to be true? I don't want to get ripped off. They are good 'phones, and I really want them. What do you guys think?
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    Earphones For Under 100?

    Does anybody know any good pair of earphones for under $100. I would prefer if they were EARphones and not headphones. Also they have to have better quality sound than the stock earphones.(Which is not too hard.):D
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    Purchased Song...

    I can't play the song or load it onto my iPod. What's wrong with it?:confused:
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    A little advice...

    What should I do about this damage on my iPod? The right bud on my earphones also sounds weak. It sounds faint, while the left one is still strong. I need some options. Will Apple replace them both?
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    Target and Service

    I bought a Nano at the Target in my town. It has the loose click wheel and the high pitched noise problem. My first question is if I can bring it to the Apple Store near me? Also, Do I just bring in the Nano, or do I need to bring all the accessories also?:confused:
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    iTunes goes quiet

    Here's the problem: Okay, so I start to play a song. I go on and surf the web and do my homework. But for some reason, the song stops playing. iTunes shows that the song is continuing, but I hear no sound. Does anybody have a suggestion?:confused:
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    Would Apple do any thing for stuck pixels? I posted before that they were dead, but they look blue all the time. It's really annoying me, especially when i watch movies with lots of dark scenes. The blue dots are right near the middle of the screen. Any suggestions?
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    Dead Pixels

    I have a question. How many pixels have to be dead for Apple to service my iPod. I live near a retailer, and I'll take it if they'll fix or replace it. It's been only three months since I bought my Video iPod. Any help would be appreciated.