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    iPod 1st Generation macbook questions

    Any modern Mac should work, you just need the right adapters. Thunderbolt three to thunderbolt 2, thunderbolt 2 to FW800, FW800 to FW 400. Convoluted but it can be done.
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    Looking for a simple, inexpensive slip case

    I have been looking for simple, no non-sense slip case for my iPod touch. I do NOT want screen access--I just want a simple sleeve. I haven't found very many options out there. I'm looking for something somewhere inbetween an iPod sock and a leather pouch. Again, doesn't have to be fancy...
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    Too Many Stickies

    I suppose this would fall under a suggestion, though perhaps it is more honestly a complaint. I have been a member for a few years now and have seen the forums explode with activity, to the point where I am overwhelmed and do not post that often any more. The biggest issue I have with the...
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    Does it still charge over firewire?

    Before anyone balks, I am well aware that it won't SYNC over Firewire. But for anyone that has an old iPod AC Adaptor, does the Touch charge using the old firewire AC Adaptor? And is it safe to do so?
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    Closed Captioning in 7.4

    I see that 7.4 adds support for closed-captioning. Is anyone else excited about this? Does it affect previously-purchased videos, as well?
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    Pepsi Promotion next Year?

    Has anyone heard if Pepsi is going to do the iTunes promotion again? I have gotten lots of "free" songs in the past, and was wondering if they were going to do this for a third year.
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    FireWire confirmation sought

    Could someone with the new 5G in their hands try connecting it to a computer via Firewire and confirm that it doesn't sync. Does it charge (like the nano)? Thanks...I haven't seen an answer to this question yet.
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    R.I.P. iPod Box....

    Not sure where exactly this should go, but since the iTunes 5 topic was here, I figured I'd post it here.... Is anyone else disappointed that the 5G iPod does away with the traditional "cube" box that (AFAIK) every full size iPod has had since the beginning? I know that Apple is probably...
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    Transfer from iPod to PC...unique situation...

    I've looked for the solution to this problem, but haven't found anything specific. My parents got a new computer. They each have iPods. The new PC is an HP laptop, which came with iTunes pre-installed. My Dad didn't know that connecting to his iPod would wipe everything, and so his got wiped...
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    midi to wav

    Is there a free or cheap program that will transfer midi files to wav? I've tried just importing into iTunes, but it doesn't seem to work. Oh yes, this is for windowsxp ---------- Never Mind...I figured it out..had the extension wrong on the midi file.
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    Midi to Wav via iTunes?

    Ok, I did a search, and supposedly, one should be able to drag and drop a midi file into iTunes, and have it convert automatically. However, I have tried this, and I can't get it to work. I also tried importing the file via the File menu...No dice. The file type is listed on my PC as midi...