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    Synch Options

    Just one more quick question in case I ever get my new PowerBook:( Is there a way to synchronise files that allows them all to be stored on the iPod rather than having to keep the hard disk full of mp3 files. I would be happy just to playback with the iPod connected if necessary. Cheers, Steve
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    itunes and freedb

    Just been doing some reading in advance of getting my PowerBook :D My info on itunes says that it uses the cddb database to retrieve data on track listings. Is it possible to specify freedb? My experience using cddb with MMJB has not been spectacular and I've submitted some stuff to freedb so...
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    Switching hardware to Mac

    Yayy, I've just been given a PowerBook 12" for a big fat birthday :D I'd been planning to move away from the increasingly ####y world of Windows and this seems like a grand start. Up till now I've been using a Windows iPod and having occasional problems with weird noises and artefacts on...
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    XPlay Detail View

    Anyone know if there is any way to use XPlay's details view by default when browsing music on the iPod? Cheers
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    Problems ripping one particular CD

    I've been trying to rip my copy of Roseanne cash Rules of Travel for the second time and having major problems with this one CD. I've tried both EAC and CDEx but I get a weird warbling distortion when I play the encoded mp3 files. Both on the iPod and the files stored locally on the PC. I've...
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    Query on LAME Quality Options

    I've been playing around with settings on LAME under CDEx wheile checking out change chirps and cheeps on playback with my iPod. Something I'll be doing a bit more of as it's about to go back to Apple again for another checkup. So here's a couple of queries... 1. I take the iPod is OK running...
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    Musicmatch resampling query

    Possibly a stupid question... I am playing around with Musicmatch because I am getting all sort of strange noises on playback with EAC + LAME + XPlay and wanted to try other software. I have noted that while MM has coded the tracks correctly with VBR, the file on the iPodshows a sample rate of...
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    ID3 tag editers

    I've just been looking around for a good, freeware tag editer that will allow me to get my mp3 files in some sort of order while my iPod is back with Apple for a fault investigation under warranty:( The only one I've looked at so far is ID3-TagIT but I don't know if that handles Composer tags...
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    Configuration info requested

    I've posted elsewhere about some problems I am having with noises (chirps and cheeps etc) during playback. I'm still trying to trace the problem and it would be useful to make my configuration as close to 'standard' as possible. If another EAC + LAME + XPlay user is reading this and doesn't...
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    Strange noises on playback

    I thought I would update the new forum on problems I was having with strange 'chirps', 'cheeps' and other odd noises during playback. I started out with the configuration shown in the signature below and played around with alternative LAME binaries and DLL but still have this problem on...
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    Sennheiser HD25 Headphones

    I posted on the old forums asking for some advice on whether the above phones were a good choice for use with an iPod. Just to complete the thread I took the chance to try them for a couple of days and the results were pretty mixed. While the sound was pretty good (but probably not burned in...