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    Google Fi (was Project Fi)

    I see. Can you advise on using Google Fi celluar on a ipad? Are all ipads locked to a carrier i.e. Verzion, ATT etc ?
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    Google Fi (was Project Fi)

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge regarding using the Google Fi cell service on thier ipad? I have model number A1893 Thx
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    USB charger and battery

    Anyone have info on a USB charger/battery combo unit? Looking for one with a standard power supply (wall wart) that would both charge an ipad as well as its own internal battery. I used to have an old iSound unit which did this. For iSound iPhone iPad Micro Mini USB Portable Charger -...
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    travel speaker with some low end

    I have been in search of a bluetooth speak for travel. (I always do carry-ons only when I fly, so it needs to be small) needs... bluetooth built-in rechargeable battery wall power option good low end (bass) response under 5 pounds Looked at the Soundfreaq SFQ-04 and like the size but not...
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    tone controls for voice calls

    The voice quality (during a phone call) on my new 4S is not good. It sounds like there is too much bass and not enough treble. Are there settings to adjust this? How about an app? Thoughts?
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    tethering without jailbreaking

    I have an ipad 2 and want to use it as a WiFi hotspot to feed my other devices. As a newbie I don't think I want to jailbreak my ipad. Is there a few apps that may fit my situation? What options or work-arounds do I have?
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    logging out of GMail

    I need to log-out (sign off) from my GMail accounts sometimes on both my MacBook Pro and my ipad 2. What is the standard method for doing this? Thanks!
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    Wireless keyboard with case

    Just got first ipad (ipad 2 in white) and am thinking about buying a keyboard/case combo. Saw the "Laptop Buddy" 72-LS06 and liked it for the price. Daily Deals, 1 Sale A Day Anyone tried it? Looks a bit budget to me. Thanks!
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    deleting photos without computer

    I have a 3g iphone running 3.1 software. Need to delete all photos WITHOUT connecting to computer. (no sync) It is not jailbroken. Is there a way I can do this? Maybe an app? Thanks!
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    editing my contacts

    I have some basic questions regarding my address book (contacts) on my 3G iphone. I want to go into my Windows XP (or is it itunes) and edit my contacts. Does it matter that I am using a different Windows machine than I synced with? I think all my contacts are in GMail. I do not use...
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    paying for Anapod support

    I want to pay someone to help me with my ipod and Anapod. I have had no luck sorting out the basic functions like moving songs between the two. Good pay waiting for someone who can help me! Thanks Bukzin
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    songs will not play w/XP

    Hi, Maybe someone can help (or direct me to a link) regarding songs which I pulled off my harddrive (mp3's) which have a exclamation mark in front of them. This is in the 'Library' section of itunes 4.1.1 for windows. The songs loaded from my audio CD's play fine. Is this some type of...
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    MM vs itunes

    Like a good newbie I loaded the CD that came with my new 40g and got Music Match. Been reading this forum and seems like maybe I should download itunes for XP. Good idea? Where should I get it? Do I need to uninstall MM first? (haven't used anything yet, waiting for my Firewire/PCI card to...
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    ipod to ipod transfer

    Any why to transfer/download tunes from my buddies ipod to my new 40g ipod? Thanks Bukzin
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    have WinXP w/USB 1.0...

    I only have USB 1.0, no Firewire Guess I need to instal a card Do I have options; maybe a cable instead of a card? Where shall I get it and what shall I expect to pay? Thanks Bukzin 40g