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    downloaded media player wont play

    HELP PLEASE !I am working on a valentines present for my husband and need a certain video downloaded that unfortunately youtube didn't have. After downloading a dozen adobe flash players which didnt seem to work I downloaded NGplayer for MAC. I got it downloaded and went through all the...
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    IPOD not recognized on computer

    MY IPOD is plugged in to the usb port on my computer. The problem is my IPOD is not showing up on the computer or in my iTunes I can un plug while I have the computer on and it will be ok since it acts like its not pugged any ideas on what might be causing it. I can't add or subtract songs.
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    HELP!!ipod nano nothing but blank screen look fine

    I was listening to my IPod nano Third Generation 4Gwith the iPod/ MP3 Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter yesterday in the car and everything was going fine iPod played perfectly . We had a problem with our electric cooler cord plugged into the cigarette lighter so I moved the iPod out of...
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    annoying iCloud popup

    Everytime I turn my mac on I keep getting a popup saying Your iCloud session has expired To maintain security,your iCloud sessions periodically expires. To reconnect to iCloud enter password and click OK. I tried to turn off iCloud but I don't think I' m connected because I didn't have the...
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    What does this ipod message mean exactly

    I put on of my old iPods on the computer to charge And when i did I got this message The ipod D'S IPOD cannot be synced because it cannot be read from or written to. I tried to update the ipod but it said it was up to date It is hooked up I see the icon for it on iTunes and I click and play a...
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    IPOD blank but showing up in iTunes

    All of a sudden my IPOD(plugged in USB port went blank) I thought that meant I had lost everything but it is showing up in iTunes saying all my songs podcasts and movies are still on it. I can play my IPOD from the computer and my IPOD is showing up on computer so I know it's there. Does anyone...
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    Why does my IPOD completely wipe out when I turn computer off?

    Can someone tell me why my IPOD erases everytime I turn the computer off? Sat I had to sync my IPOD. Sunday morning the IPOD was completely gone and I had to restore the IPOD again. Re-synced again Sunday and this morning my IPOD completely wiped out again and I have to restore. I'm tired of...
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    trouble synching music vides to IPOD

    Took computer and Ipod to the Apple store now my IPOD needs to be restored. Everything is easily fixed except the music videos. How do I put my music videos on my IPOD into movies? Everytime I try to sync my music videos they go into music. Can't watch videos as I am walking. How do I sync into...
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    HELP need help in deleting videos from list not from IPOD

    I sorta got my IPOD fixed except for one little thing . I had to take it to the genius bar but I don't think they are geniuses but.. Here is the problem. I like to keep my videos and movies in a separate list because I can't watch the movies if I am walking or driving and if I can't watch them...
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    HELP ned to sync new IPOD

    I have an IPOD Nano which has seen its better days It got run over by a car and played somewhat after that Now not so much. I bought a good used one from a friend ands unfortunately she sold it to full I'm having trouble getting my new IPOD to sync. It says to do it manually and all songs...
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    rewriteable CD's not playing

    I made some tapes for my husband for our anniversary but the problem is they don't work in the car's CD player. All other tapes play. Can't figure out why. They play on the computer CD. What could be the problem? NE help would be appreciated. CD's were made from Itunes Getting ready to take a...
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    Help in finding a lost video

    About 2 years ago I bought a video from Itunes for 1.99. I accidentally dleted it from the list I was doing. I tried to get it back but it is nowhere to be found. Believe it or not it isn't in my purchased list, not in the music library I can't even find it in the recycle bin. I even looked...