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    Copy playlist from ipod mini to itunes

    I used itunes to create a playlist on my wife's mini called "singles." The songs are already on my computer. How can I copy or recreate the playlist so that we can listen to it without having the mini in a dock connected to the PC?
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    WTB Ipod Video 5.5 Gen

    I am looking to replace a 5.5 gen Ipod Video that I accidentally destroyed. I would consider offers for a Fifth gen or a Classic but I prefer the 5.5 due the large number of accessories I have that work with a 5th gen.
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    Ipod 5.5 won't turn off

    Several times a week my Ipod Video 5.5 30GB will not turn off (hey, thanks for not including a power button Apple). This requires a soft boot in order to restore the ability to turn the device off. Often, this also results in being unable to resume listening to a podcast at the spot where I left...
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    folders for bookmarks?

    I have created several folders to organize my Ipod Touch bookmarks but I can't figure out how to move the bookmarks into a folder. Anyone know how?
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    Make a playlist from songs already on Ipod Touch?

    I have a 5.5 gen 30 Gig Ipod Video that I sync automatically. I also have an 8GB Touch that I have to sync manually due to the size difference. Is there any way to make a playlist from the songs that are currently on my Touch so if I need to reload after a firmware upgrade or a restore type...
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    4GB HD only fills to 2.4 GB

    I have a 2nd gen 4 GB mini. iTunes will only transfer 2.3 GB and then shows an error. I have reformatted the HD and tried changing the USB settings with no change. Any ideas?
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    projectEK - positive rating

    I purchased an iPod video from him. He communicated well and shipped quickly. Recommended.
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    jwoolz48 - positive rating

    I purchased a Mini from jwoolz48 and the deal went smoothly. Thanks!
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    3rd party software....the iTunes

    If I use 3rd party software, like vpod or winamp, to load songs on my Ipod, aren't those songs going to be deleted next time I sync using iTunes?
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    Can you "refresh" the iTunes library?

    I often use audiograbber to rip CD's. When I do, iTunes never shows the new songs. I use a folder structure that is My Music/artist/album/songs. I have incorporated the My Music and all sub-folders into iTunes. Since the new songs don't show up I have to go back and redefine/add the My Music...