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    Uable to synch photos fom PC to iPhone

    I was to copy a few pictures from my PC to my iPhone. I have them in an album in PhotoShop Elements, so it should synch. It doesn't however: the box to do so is unchecked. When I check it, it tells me that it will delete all the photos and albums and replace them with the ones from the PC. I...
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    Converting iTunes plus to MP3

    Is there a way to convert purchased iTunes plus songs to MP3? If so, how? I'd like to put a few songs on my phone, which is not, alas, an iPhone. Thanks,
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    3G doesn't hold bookmarks

    I use my 3G nano to listen to audiobooks (from Audible) during my commute. It should hold a bookmark. Sometimes it does; but sometimes, when I go to the book, it opens partway, then slides back to a page listing chapters. Going back to the book just starts the book all over again. I can scrub...
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    Wrong album art on song

    One of my songs, The Healing Distance, has the wrong album art on my 3G nano. In iTunes, the correct album art displays; but on the nano, there's a picture of frozen meat, which belonged to a cooking podcast long since deleted from iTunes and from the computer itself. It's remaided that way...
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    Podcast frustration

    I've subscribed to certain video podcasts. (One in particular is Photoshop Elements Killer Tips; andother is a cooking show.) iTunes will update with SOME of the episodes but not others. For example, with Killer Tips, it'll give me the episode on the bamboo tablet, but neither of the two that...
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    Problem downloading podcasts

    I'm have difficulty downloading poscasts. I subscribe, and I'm supposed to get the latest episode. The little wheel spins; the download bar advances; eventually it says DONE...but no podcast appears in iTunes, and no file in the podcst folder on the computer. If I click on GET in either the...
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    One account can't connect

    My daughter and I use iTunes on separate Vista desktops. It's the same instillation, but different libraries. I'm having no problems with the iTunes store, but she keeps getting the message, "iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. Make sure your network connection is active and try...
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    V moda vibe hiss

    I've got a new pair of V-Moda vibe ear phones--they arrived last week from I didn't notice this when I first used them, but now I hear a soft hiss when I plug them into my 3G nano. Now, two days ago, when I pulled the jack out, the silver part separated from the plug. I don't know...
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    V moda vibe tips

    I just got a pair of V moda vibe earphones. They come with two different sets of tips: one a soft black set and the other a thicker silicone. Is there any functional difference between the two, or is it just a matter of comfort/aesthetics?
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    Setting podcast as "unheard"

    I subscribe to several podcasts. I just want to listen to most of them once, so I have iTunes set to delete them from the iPod once I've heard them. But one is French lessons, and I need to listen to these several times. Is there any way to mark these as unheard, so that either they aren't...
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    Podcasts not loading

    I just updated to the new version of iTunes. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I'm having trouble getting podcasts. They seem to download--the blue bar completes and it says DONE. But the little spinning arrow icon doesn't go away, and the podcast doesn't appear in the...
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    Wrong album art

    I accidentally drggged the wrong album artwork onto a song. Now I've got George Harrison singing Cyndi Lauper! I can't find a way to delete the wrong photo and to add the the right one?
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    Can't save library file

    iTune is giving me an error message: "Can't save iTunes library file. An unknown error has occurred: number 48." What does this mean? What should I do? I had backed up my iTunes files this morning--copied them over to a portable HD; but I didn't change, move or alter the files.
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    Screen protection

    I'm not terribly worried about scratches on the back (even though I've babies it, it already has a few), but I really don't want the screen scratched. I want to buy a case, but I'm waiting for one that will include an arm band/clip like the TitanGear or Agent 18 Shock Kit. There are no cases...
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    Time/battery screen

    Is there any way to opt out of the screen with the time/battery level that comes up after a song's been playing for a while? I like to glance down to see what song's up, to see the album art or how much longer I've got on a song or audiobook. Here I've got this beautiful color screen, album...