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    Micromemo and ipod classic issues

    I recently bought a micromemo voice recorder for my ipod classic but have found it to be very unreliable when it comes to recording voice memos. Most of the time it will just record 30 seconds of silence and only records properly about 1 in 5 times. I know the micromemo was originally produced...
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    album songs in wrong order on ipod

    The tracks for some, maybe about 40% of the albums on my ipod play in the wrong order, all other albums are fine and all are ordered correctly in iTunes. The order it plays the tracks doesn't change, it's just fixed in the wrong order. It does this if I access the album through artists/albums...
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    getting unchecked songs to play continuously

    I use checking of songs to control whether songs sync with my ipod or not. Back in iTunes I would still like to be able to play albums of unchecked songs and not have it just play one song and then stop. Is there a plug-in that can enable playing of unchecked songs in iTunes in the same...
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    gopod & firmware 2.3

    I just tried removing the volume limitation with gopod on firmware v2.3 and it works! Just thought you'd all like to know. J
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    Ipod not recognised by win xp - it used to work tho, help!

    I have an odd problem - for some reason when I connect my ipod via firewire windows will not recognise it although it will charge. This did not used to be the case and it all worked fine. In computer manager the ipod shows up but in the device status window it says: This device cannot start...
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    anapod with smart playlists

    I'm thinking of buying anapod, can anyone tell me if anapod can sync windows media player smart playlists? What's the general opinion of the anapod? Best windows ipod software?
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    low profile skin

    Having just got a new replacement ipod from apple I want to protect this one from getting scratched. What I want is the thinnest possible skin/case to fit over the ipod. I don't want anything bulky that will significantly increase the size, oh yeah and I want it to be either clear or white...
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    software that works with WMP

    I'm looking for some software to sync my ipod that can transfer windows media player playlists. Something that integrates nicely with WMP would be good too. Anyone know of software that fits the bill?
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    ipod won't boot

    iTunes for windows managed to kill my ipod! When I reset the ipod now and it's booting the apple logo comes up and then that changes to a folder with an exclamation mark and then back to the apple logo ad infinitum. Anyone know what this means? The only thing it can do is load the disk and...
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    blue screen of death

    just got my first ever blue screen of death on XP while syncing my ipod with iTunes. I gonna try again, hope it doesn't do the same again.... anyone else had this problem?
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    procedure for installing iTunes & 2.1 updater

    Was thinking it might be helpful if people could post the procedure that they used to install the 2.1 firmware update and iTunes and whether it worked or not. Also once they are both set up ok, how did you go about getting iTunes synced with the ipod which is already loaded with tunes? Good...
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    replacement 3gapple ipods under warranty

    anyone know that if my 30gig ipod 'broke' and I sent it back to apple uk and they replaced it would they send me another 30gig or would it get replaced with a 40gig?
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    bluetooth ipod remote control

    I recently bought a sony ericsson t610 phone which has bluetooth. Was thinking it would be really cool if you could get a device that plugs into the ipod so that you could use your phone to control the ipod remotely, even better if the phone could emulate the ipod's user interface. Anyone know...
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    iTunes for windows?

    I have heard that a version of iTunes for windows will be available later in the year, does anyone know if this will have ipod support like the mac version or not? and will we have to pay for it?
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    slow transfer speed

    for some reason I only get a transfer speed of around 2MB/s using ephpod to transfer lots of songs, but if I only transfer 1 long song (my own DJ mixes are about 70 minutes long) then the transfer speed will start at about 2MB/s, but by the end of the transfer be up near 7MB/s. So my port is...