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    FS: 40gig iPod

    I'm selling my 40gig iPod. I bought it, used it for about 10 minutes, and haven't picked it up since. Still has original box and all original packaging and equipment with the exception of the earbuds... plus an indigo blue exo iskin and an extra firewire/usb cable (also with the original box)...
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    Feeler: Barely used 40gig ipod + accessories

    I haven't decided if I really want to sell my ipod or not yet... but I figured I'd post here to see if there'd be any interest on these boards for it. I have a gen3 40gig iPod that's barely used. I used it for about a week and haven't really picked it up since. It comes with the original box...
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    gen1/2 and gen3 apple earbuds

    Is there any differences between the gen 1/2 and gen 3 apple earbuds?
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    mp3 160 --> 192kbps

    I recently upgraded to a 40gig ipod from my old gen2 10gig. On my old ipod I encoded all my mp3's at 160kbps, but now that I have extra storage space I was thinking about re-encoding all my mp3's to 192kbps. Is there any program I could do that would do this easily for me? I want to be able to...
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    Quick question... getting new 40gig set up.

    I already went through this with my 2g 10gig... but I can't remember what I I'm using ephpod version 2.60f... I connect my new ipod to my computer, then go to ephpod and it tries to create the ipod control file (don't remeber the exact name...) but it can't. When I go to "my...
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    EphPod with new ipods?

    Hi. I just upgraded to a new 40gig ipod from my old 10gig. I was using ephpod version 2.60f with my old ipod... will this same version still work with the new ipods, or do I have to download the newer version? Thanks!:D also... the cd that comes with the ipod... is it just the musicmatch...
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    JVC KD-SH 707 head unit

    I have a almost brand new jvc kd-sh707 h/u for sale. I used it in my car for abotu a week then decided I wanted to upgrade to a higher end unit so I'm selling this one. It's in perfect condition, has all the original paper work, the original box, remote, wiring harness, etc. It's perfect for...