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    how do you get your music now?

    now that the riaa is filing suits, where are you getting your music to fill your 40 gigger! i've stopped gettin new music for the most part. i was just wondering if the riaa is really getting money with the suits by people stopping downloading and starting buying cds. if you guys have stopped...
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    long battery life or quick startup?

    would you rather have a longer battery life( i.e. the ipod goes completely off) or the quick startup the ipod has now, where it is always on. personally, i prefer long battery life. i hate the fact i have to charge it even when i'm not playing it.
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    iTMS sells 25 million songs

    i think apple does the best job of explaining,
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    i saw steve jobs at a grateful dead concerT!!!!!!!!

    ok so last night i was at the seva concert( very hippy-ish) in berkeley, ca. it's a concert that benefits helping needy people in poor countries. they were talking about how the seva org was started. it was started by two 5k donations, one from steve! he was right there sittin in the front...
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    annoyin silence in MIDDLE of song

    any way to get rid of this? i know i can change start/stop but can I add another start/stop time?
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    ipod won't stop mounting!

    my ipod keeps mounting whenever i plug it in!! the obvious answer is to turn it off as a firewire drive, but that's always turned off. also, if i reset it as a firewire drive( check the box then uncheck it) it unmounts. ejecting it works some of the time....whats up?
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    ipod to tv

    it would be really cool if i could put a movie on my ipod then hook it up to the tv and bring it places. since this isn't legal at the moment, apple could sell movies in the iTM(and video)S. it doesn't seem that difficult, just have the dock connector plug on one side of a cord, and rca on the...
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    scratches on the back

    why are most of the scratches on the back of the ipod right above and below the apple symbol?! i know its not jus me, i've seen it on others too. its kinda weird seein a whole concentration of scratches in those two spots.
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    iTMS is the invention of the year!-time magazine

    yes, it's true. the itunes music store was voted the invention of the year by time magazine. check out or the time magazine article is at
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    the $229 refurbs return!

    ok well not completely....powermax has a/some $229 refurbished ipod. they have simply the besst customer service! check it out at ...and no i'm not goin to charge you for this info :-P ~adam
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    i'm not getting emails when i get responses to posts!

    ive checked my options a thousand times and sending me an email when a reply to post comes IS checked. i don't know what to do! thanks
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    panther has come!

    anyone got it yet? share your thoughts!
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    4.1 and limewire

    i had some trouble with itunes and limewire. after installation of 4.1 i get an error message(very long, it goes on like this for a while) LimeWire version 2.9.10 Java version 1.3.1 from Apple Computer, Inc. Mac OS X v. 10.2.8 on ppc Free/total memory: 15061288/19726336...
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    forum search

    i'm pretty sure this has been discussed but i can't find it in any of the other forums. why is the minimum character # for searching 4( or 3 i can't remember!) it really hinders searching. thanks
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    ipod unresponsive!

    when i looked at my ipod this morning it showed the apple logo, and nothing else. i had charged it on my computer the night before. now it is unresponsive, buttons don't beep, nothing happens, just apple logo. i tried unplugging it from the computer then pluggin it back in, but nothing works...