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    iPod Touch review out today is confusing & misleading...

    iLounge produces some of the best reviews on the net. They are a go-to source for anyone who cares about the i-devices. However, you all have really blown it this time! You should have reviewed the latest crippled addition/iteration of the iPod Touch in its own stand-alone review--with a link...
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    iPod Touch 5 case reviews--real problem!

    I admire the incredible reviews here; well-written, thoughtful, and informative. However, I was struck by how poorly the grades are being assigned to the iPod Touch 5G cases. The Griffin received an A- yet the reviewer wrote this: "It stops at the bottom edge, though, and it doing so leaves...
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    iPod Touch loop? Material?

    The review here said it seemed to be made of some sort of layered microsuede with neoprene. Can you all confirm that the loop is, indeed, made partly out of leather? If true, I'm surprised that Apple would risk offending a slice of the hi-tech, ecological, animal-loving buying public with such...
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    iPad Mini Review--well done!

    Just wanted to compliment Mr. Horwitz on his well-written, thorough, fair, and thoughtful review of the new iPad Mini. The multi-part review hit all the key points and was a nice blend of accolades and critiques--with both done in reasoned mannered fashion. Thanks for doing it!
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    Changing the font...

    How would I go about changing the font for various iLounge web pages? The News section at News | iLounge is a sans serif font with no line spacing and impossible to read. The forums are also sans serif, but decent spacing, so readable. In Safari, I have serif fonts selected for both standard...
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    SwitchEasy Screen Protectors??

    I see that SwitchEasy's iPhone 4 cases often come with two screen guards. I cannot find whether these are clear or anti-reflective, or one of each. I'm also wondering how they compare to Power Support's crystal clear protector...
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    SwitchEasy Eclipse case...

    Great review as always at iLounge! Jeremy, you write clearly, crisply, and elegantly. Your reviews are a treat to read. (OK, enough buttering up, although I mean every word! :) ) Had two questions. 1. How good is the crystal screen protector that SE includes? I'm used to PowerSupport's...
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    Loudness of iPod Touch 4G vs. 2G?

    How much better is it? Is there any where on line that shows what the difference sounds like? Thanks!
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    Any way of viewing mobile on non-mobile device?

    I really like the layout of the site on my iPod Touch. Any way of accessing that from my MacBook Pro?
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    So, which case?

    Kudos! Big kudos to iLounge for its extensive review. Without a doubt, this web site is one of the premier ones on the net for its careful, balanced, & thoughtful analyses of product. Having said that, and having read through the review, I'm still in a quandary! ;) I was originally tempted...
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    Turning off those pesky threads pop ups?

    When I'm browsing a list of messages in a forum, there are pop-ups that give the text of the first message. I find them a distraction, especially when I'm moving around the page. Is there any way of turning them off? Thanks!
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    Great site, but mobile version needs bigger font size!

    Hope someone at iLounge sees this and makes a change! You have a great mobile site, well organized, with good touch navigation. But the font size of the articles is too small to read comfortably and cannot be resized! I'm hoping there's an option I've missed! In any event, if not, please...
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    Any clues, hints on a new iPod Touch 2G?

    I'd upgrade my 16gb IPT if a new one came out that had a decent camera built into it. Haven't found any juicy rumors, however, about whether a new model is coming or what the features might be. Of course, I'd spring for a 10" tablet/ereader/IPT device, too!
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    Looking for inexpensive external speaker for 2G

    Any suggestions? I like listening to podcasts while exercising, but find that the iPod Touch 2G's internal speaker is a bit low in volume. I've seen some plug in speakers, including low costs ones ($10-15). Are any of those recommended? I'm not an audiophile; I'm listening to podcasts with...