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    40gb Photo iPod & Accessories for Sale

    If anyone's interested, I've got a 1 year old 40GB Photo iPod for sale. Included in the package are two Docks, a very nice Vaja case (you have to see these, $100 value) and I'll throw in some unopened headphones. It'll come in the original box all nice and pretty. I take very good care of my...
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    Misconceptions About "Live Updating"

    Just wanted to clear up something about what Live Updating does in Smartlists. Per Apple's help guide: To have iTunes continually modify your Smart Playlist as songs are added to or removed from your library, make sure "Live updating" is selected. So, what whis means is as you add tunes to...
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    A Challenge to Windows Programmers

    OK you coders/hackers/programming types. I've got a challenge for you. We pretty much know that iTunes smartlists are copied to the iPod not as a list of songs, but as rules. Think of each smartlist as a SQL statement: SELECT * FROM iTunesDB WHERE genre = 'Rock' AND Rating > 4 ORDER BY...
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    Anyone Up For A Test?

    OK, trying to figure out how iTunes handles something. I'd do this myself, but I'm not using it right now, so if anyone cares to do a little test (or knows already) that'd be a big help. The question is how does iTunes handle ratings when syncing when you've changed a rating in both iTunes and...
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    The Honeymoon Is Over! What Say You?

    OK, now that the honeymoon is over folk...what say you about iTunes? I know I feel like the day after the Millenium....
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    Results of my MC9/iTunes Comparison

    OK, I posted most of this over at JRiver, but thought you all would like to share your thoughts as well.. I've played with (or toiled with) it for 4 days now and am happily going back. My main main reasons are: 1. Smartlists: No boolean support. You can't make a smartlist that has the rule...
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    iTunes Smart Playlists - They Missed This???

    iTunes Smart Playlists - The Missed This??? I cannot believe apple missed this. In MC9 I have a smartlist that has the following rules: Genre=Ambient/Electronica, Pop,Down Beat, Electronica, House, Rock, Trance, Trip-Hop Limit=2 hours Last Played>=2 Weeks Sort=random Guess what? You...
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    iTunes Creating Temp Files of your Tunes

    This might be causing other's problems, so I'm putting it here instead of the bug thread. Background: I keep all my tunes on a 20GB second hard drive. I don't have anything else but MP3s on it. Before using iTunes I had 1.8 gigs of free space on this drive. After using iTunes for a while, I...
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    Can't move library file

    Anyone else have this problem? I tried to change the location of my library file in Preferences>Advanced and the darn thing won't move. If I shut down itunes and delete the old library file, it recreates it, If I rename the parent directory (My Music) where the old iTunes folder was it still...
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    SmartPlaylists w/Limiters Don't Refresh?

    OK, riddle me this everyone. In MC9 I have smarlists w/limiters like 8 hours of random tunes. Each time I sync my iPod these lists get updated with a different set of tunes. Indeed each time you click on the playlist in MC9 you'll see a differnt set as the list is "refreshed" Why then, if...
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    Bye Bye iPod Manager!!!!

    Anyone else see this? I haven't used iPod Manager in ages, uninstalled it as it's not necessary. So, I thought, I better get it back on there (ugh) because iTunes probably wants it. So, I installed just iPod Manager. Saw the ugly little iPod icon in my systray, saw that it was on my Start...
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    A Tip for Syncing With a Library Larger Than iPod

    OK, many of you are probably in my boat. You've got a library larger than what will fit on your iPod. I'm coming from the MC9 world, and there I would create a Master Smartlist, exclude a bunch of artists, albums or whatever and always manage that one list to the size of my iPod. All my other...
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    All Music Auto Smartlist Problem

    A few of you have reported problems in syncing w/the Auto-Smartlist called "All Music". For some reason, in certain situations, when doing this none of your playlists make it over when this playlist is checked. It might also occur when other Auto-Smartlists are checked, but I haven't been able...
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    MC9.1 Out of Beta

    It's official folks. JimH posted over at the JRiver boards that version 9.1.269 is the final build of 9.1. It's released. Anyone that's on 9.0 can click on Help>Check for Updates and they'll get the updated version. And welcome to the new-world-order. ;) Adam
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    Great News - Playcounts, Ratings, Last Played Date Added

    OK folks we windows users are finally playing on a level playing field with our Mac brethren thanks to the great work of Steve over at JRiver. Effective with the build 9.1.250 (available in their forums, the first post) we finally have complete syncing of Playcounts, Ratings and Last Played...