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  1. A Customer Service

    Recently, I had a curious exchange with's customer service. Cormac McCarthy has a new book, The Road, due to be published later this month. I noticed that there is an unabridged audio version to be published at the same time.'s list of new books to become available...
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    Bait & Switch by

    Many books on have multiple editions, such as hardback, paperback, audio CD, audio tape, large print, etc. Often, one edition among the list of editions will be "audio download" with an price of $9.95. When one clicks the link for the $9.95 audio download, one's browser...
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    Redesigned Audible.Com site and Attractive New buying plan

    Redesigned Audible.Com site Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Audible has a brand-new look to its web site. Initial impressions: I never had any issues w/ the former site and don't know why it was changed. It seems just as slow as before. It looks like the...
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    NetLibary, OverDrive and your iPod

    My local library, just this month, now has audiobooks available for download. But, as the system requires OverDrive, books are in protected WMA format and cannot then be transferred to an iPod. I sent an email message to the library (Tucson Pima Public Library or TPPL) inquiring why iPod users...
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    Best reader's characterization? Who's your nominee?

    I've got two: Frederick Davidson's reading of Uriah Heep in David Copperfield and Simon Prebble's reading of the gentleman with thistle-down hair in Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell In each instance, the character is so vividly read that I received a mental image of the character merely through...
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    Shareholder lawsuits against Audible

    Audible's stock price fell about 35% in mid-February. It's actually about at about 1/2 of its 52-week high point. Now, there's been several lawsuits filed, including class action lawsuits. One complaint alleges that Audible made a series of false and misleading statements and failed to...
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    Please choose the appropriate forum for this topic. Thank you. Check out: and and What's he listening to?
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    Every Audiobook is $9.95 through June 21!

    I've rec'd an email from Audible informing me that they're having a sale: $9.95 for any book through 6/21. I looked on Audible's home page, and the sale is advertised there, also. At first, I considered getting a few books, even though right now I've got a backlog. But . . . Two of...
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    Wired for Books

    I've run across an interesting website. As I've found no mention of it in an iPodlounge forum search, I thought I'd post it here even though it is not directly related to + iPod. The site is called Wired for Books ( It includes interviews conducted by...
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    Echo on my computer?

    My computer echos when I play music on it. Actually, the echo occurs with any sound. I have a Pentium 4 Gateway system; it's about a year old, running XP Home. Any ideas how to eliminate this annoyance?
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    Will Michael Jackson remain on your iPod?

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    XP/iTunes bug?

    I periodically get the following error message when I launch iTunes: "the software required for communicating with the iPod is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPod's software." At first, I did as instructed and reinstalled iTunes. But, reinstallation is not...
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    Audible on 3 gen iPod v. 2 gen iPod

    I've read the Audible Guide in the Gen'l forum which appears to be written only for the 3rd gen iPods. I've got a 2d gen iPod which doesn't provide the segments described in the Guide. I'm sure that there are other differences, such as the FF or RW buttons will advance or retreat to the end or...
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    2nd Gen remote malfunction

    The remote for my 2nd gen iPod doesn't work properly. The sound in my right ear will only work if I twist the earbud plug and move it around until the sound is in both ears. (I know that this is a remote issue as the problem is gone if I plug the earbuds directly into the iPod. Any suggestions?