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    No iPhone for Verizon

    Now that the Apple event is over and no announcement was made, the rumors for the Verizon iPhone have been quashed - at least for a few more months. Even the iPad is exclusive through AT&T on the 3G models. No Verizon or CDMA version at all.
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    Contacts problem with jailbroken/unlocked iPhone

    I have a first generation 2G iPhone that is jailbroken and unlocked for T-Mobile. Everything has been working fine. However, when I add a new contact (either through the Contacts app or the Phone) I can't add or edit the name. Every other field works fine. I can add the phone numbers, addresses...
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    Ads on iLounge

    I know that the ads posted on iLounge are generated through a service. However, there is one company/ad that clearly does not fit with iLounge or Apple by This company claims to sell cheap ipods including a nano for $39, a touch for $49, or a shuffle for $17. This is a company that...
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    FS: First Generation iPhone (8GB)

    I have an original 8GB iPhone that will be available to ship after I upgrade to the 3GS on the 19th. I have prepaid for the new one so I should be able to ship as soon as payment is received. Specifics: Original box/packaging Comes with Zagg Invisible Shield already installed (no edges are...
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    Touch users....I'm disappointed

    Almost as soon as Steve announced the $4.99 to Touch users for the January update there was a post miles long of people upset that they had to pay while new purchases included the update. Now he says that Touch users will have to pay to get the 2.0 update and nothing. I need some...
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    Report downplays lack of 3G iPhone

    Read full article here. A couple of things that I have thought of...1) AT&T pretty much owns the EDGE network and is looking to purchase the remaining shares. 2) I may be totally wrong (correct me if I am) but I don't believe any of the AT&T phones have 3G capabilities. 3) AT&T is the exclusive...
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    Viewing Spreadsheets, Documents, Presentations

    I don't know if anyone has thought of this yet but I was just trying to figure out how to view a spreadsheet on the iPhone and I realized that you can use Google Docs. Google Docs will allow you to upload any document, spreadsheet or Power Point Presentation and then you can view them on your...
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    How am I going to charge my Nano?

    I bought a ZipLinq cell phone charger kit and it came with a cigarette lighter/USB plug. I can just plug it into my car and charge it that way. See if a friend or someone has one of those adapters that you could borrow. They are made for PDA's, cell phones, MP3 players, etc. Here is what they...
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    Change for in display of total days/hrs

    I downloaded and installed and it seems the way they are displaying how many days, hours, minutes, seconds has changed. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this. It used to show up as 29.1 days. Now it shows up as 29:05:28:35 which I am assuming means 29 days, 5 hours, 28 minutes...
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    Broken nano and Invisible Shield experience

    Last night I get into my car and turn on my nano and there is about a third of the screen that isn't showing up - It's just white. The music still played everything still seemed to work other than not being able to see anything on part of the screen. I had an Invisible Shield installed and...
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    Interesting article about Audiophiles in Maximum PC

    I just thought that some people might find this information interesting - In the February issue of Maximum PC they conduct a test with 4 people which they labeled as the Curmudgeon, the Hipster, the Audiophile, and the Pluralist. Basically the Curmudgeon wonders if audio compression can...
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    2/28/06 - Event Over! Disappointment, What you thought, Keep it here.

    Event Over! Wow a lot of people are going to be disappointed. So for the big hype all we get is: [list=1] New mac mini Overpriced leather cases iPod Hi-Fi home stereo system [/list=1]
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    Billion Song Countdown over!

    Yeah that sucked....Jumped from 999,989,000 to 1,000,000,000! I was waiting for the final 1000 or so and I had a free entry ready and a song purchase ready. No such luck! Wonder how long it will take to hear who the winner is and where they are from.
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    What case I decided on and why

    I got my nano back in October of 2005 and I have been on the hunt for a case since I got it. If you don't care about which cases I have tried and what case I ended up with just go to the bottom of this post. I don't remember when I saw the first nano case in stock but I know it was about a...
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    Next firmware ideas

    Other than the obivious 60GB Video problem with the 1.1 firmware what would you like to see in the next firmware? The three that I would like are: [list=1] Ability to change the brightness of the screen Ability to have the iPod in a "sleep" mode and still be able to play music (i.e. Nothing is...