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    How to upload ineligible smart playlists okay to upload in iCloud library

    Hi all, I have several playlists. In order to make a mix of those plyalists, I put them into a smart playlist and restrict that smart playlist to 250 songs not played in the last month. That way I want to acces that smart playlist on my iphone or ipad so I can download it for offline use...
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    Smart playlist menu does not work

    Hi all, I wanted to create a new smart playlist in Itunes. I have the recent version 12.5.4. I want to create a new smart playlist based on a combination of other playlists. So in the menu to make the playlist I tick "playlist" and the menu automatically shows my music library. However, when I...
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    iTunes playlists on Nas, approaching without iTunes running on PC?

    Hi, Is it possible to use apple remote or an other app on iPhone or iPad to approach the iTunes library on a NAS using the iTunes playlists and information without iTunes running on the PC? If so, does it also keep track of the play counts etc? I find it a bit silly to keep the PC running when...
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    Annoying automatic artwork on non album mp3 s: how to get rid?

    Hi all, I have this problem in iTunes. When I import singles into iTunes I don't give them an album name, so iTunes sees those files as unknown album. No problem for me but iTunes gives it automatically a cover artwork which isn't the right one. It seems that years ago Itunes must have given a...
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    New iPod Classic soon, or 128G iPhone?

    Hi all, Recently my iPod Classic 160 Gig has given up. I had some problems when synching but now it's completely dead. Never mind, I still have an iPhone 3G. Now I'm waiting for the new line of products of Apple, especially the new iPhone. That was on my list anyway. I have a large library...
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    Itunes library on Playstation 3?

    Hi all, Is there any way to insert my itunes library on the hard disk of my playstation 3 so the playstation 3 can recognise the content and play it including the playlists? Tips much appreciated! Alviarin
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    Album art and lyric based smart playlists in Itunes?

    Hi all, I want to make a smart list of of all my songs that don't have lyrics and album art, so I can add them manually. Is there any way to make such smart playlistst in windows Itunes? Thanks a lot, Alviarin
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    Ipod synchronisation problem

    Hi, Both my Ipod shuffle and my Ipod classic (5th gen) don't synchronise anymore with my itunes. Concerning my Ipod classic it seems it synchronises itself with smart playlists that are composed of a limited amount of songs played not in the last two months. If I switch of the Ipod and turn it...
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    Ipod shuffle synchronisation and played count problem

    Hi, I have a second Gen Ipod shuffle. I use it all the time to go for a run. I often want to change my music on this shuffle. And that's why i want it to synchronise it with a smart playlist that keeps count of songs that haven't been played in the last two months. However my Ipod shuffle...
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    Smartlist problem: synching the whole album on Ipod/Iphone

    Hi, I have bought an Iphone 3G of 16Gig. Now I have a huge music collection. The library in Itunes is larger than what I can put on my Iphone. (it is not larger than my Ipod classic). I had the idea to put only my best albums on my Iphone. So I rated my albums with 4 and 5 stars and made a...
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    Iphone 3G and video conversion the same as Ipod Classic?

    Hi, I can't wait for my Iphone 3G to arrive. I'm going to convert some of my DVD's to my Ipod classic. But something came to my mind, and I can't find a clear answer to it. If I convert video files (mostly DVD's) for use on my Ipod Classic, can I also view them on my Iphone 3G? Or do I need...
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    Itunes does not recognise Ipod Classic and Shuffle

    Hi, I have two Ipods, a Shuffle and a Classic (and hope to have the Iphone soon). I have updated to Itunes 7.7 but now I have the problem Itunes does not recognises my Classic or Shuffle like it used to. On 7.6 I had the problem that my Shuffle got a message that the SHuffle is damaged and...
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    No live update smart playlists on Ipod / itunes

    Hi, I have made some smart playlists in my Itunes and Ipod. Now I notice that those smart playlists don't get updated any more, although the song is already played on Ipod. When I play on Itunes it refreshes automatically, but while synchronising the Ipod it leaves everything alone... I have...
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    How to copy a single playlist of Itunes to another hard disk folder?

    Hi, Itunes lets you copy playlists to a data DVD or CD-Rom, but I want to copy a playlist to another folder outside the library of Itunes? I created a smart playlist but I don't know how to copy the songs to a folder on the hard disk? Can anyone help?
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    How to transfer songs from library in a lower bitrate to Ipod?

    Hi, My Ipod is getting a bit full. The problem is that I want to keep all that music on my ipod and still add some more. I found out that some songs have 256, 320 bitrate in my library on my hard disk. Is there a device or a function for Itunes that can copy those songs to the Ipod...