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    Positive: XDRoX is legit!

    a while back, he gave away an first gen ipod (HERE). well, it was a brand new refub i guess - still had the packaging and everything, and he just gave it to me for free. WELL... fast foward a little bit. just before christmas of '11 i decided to check to see if the serial number was part of...
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    quick poll

    looking at cases - this will be my first iphone 4 (have had some version of the iphone for the past ~3 years - since the 3G, 4gb model). based on the reviews here, i'm torn between the SwitchEasy Trim case (rated A), and the Speck CandyShell (the Flip version is rated A-). what are y'all's...
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    iTunes buttons bad?

    just upgraded to itunes 10.2.1... i'm running an i7 pc with w7 (64bit). plenty of ram. this is what i get when i click em (in miniplayer mode)... any suggestions?
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    ADMIN - tapatalk plugin for the iphone/droid convinced my local motorcycle forums to add the plugin - it takes about 2 minutes from what i hear. and i can browse the forum on the phone without having to have a serparate "mobile" version (b/c we all know mobile version isn't worth a crap anyways). haha... figured...
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    hardwired DC power supply for iPhone

    well, i'm a biker... and when i'm out on the backroads "carving it up" i like to just ride. sometimes i get a little "lost" and rely on my iphone to get me back home. well, the GPS app that i use (magellan OR navigon) are both battery hogs and i'm wanting to hard wire a power supply to the...
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    apple tv conversion software

    is there a better program to convert MKV files for the appleTV than the Videora converter one? i've tried xilisoft - too complicated, and the sounds come outta one speaker. i've tried EM total video converter - poor quality output. i've recently tried handbrake for windows, but the sound is...
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    PDF to ebook - possible??

    first let me say, i DID search for this, but go nothing. maybe i just suck at searching. second, i know my way around a pc and the few converter programs i use now for audio/video/etc. so i know enough, but i still draw for a living, so try and keep the answers as semi-comprehensible as...
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    Mulitple drive Library

    alright, after a few searches, i understand that it completely possible to have media files located on different drive IF i manage the library myself. however, i like the simplicity of getting everything ready and having itunes organize/rename/etc. my files on its own. is there a way to have...
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    a good dvd (vob) to avi converter

    i've done a lot of research, and just can't decide on what to get simply because i don't know what's good. what do you use to convert a dvd to an avi? how much is it? are there any good free ones out there? i'm not afraid of paying for something that i'll actually use and produces the...
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    Adding Doubles

    i've stumbled upon a problem, that i don't know how it started OR how i should fix it. these days, whenever i add a new song, iTunes insists on adding them twice. i highlight, drag, and drop the song onto itunes, and it copies the song twice into the itunes library, as well as shows two songs...
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    Unselected Playlists being synced

    I've stumbled upon a weird dilemma that I can't figure out on my own. I recently upgraded the car head unit to an iPod "friendly" model, and it can only browse songs, albums, artists, and playlists. This is where it gets interesting. I listen to genres when driving, and in order to skirt the...
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    Descriptions added to TV Shows

    I've searched these forums for about 15 minutes in order to spare you all from having to answer/direct someone else in regards to this matter, but I just can't find what I'm looking for. I have iPodTVshow, and there isn't a place to change the description. It is in the metadata, b/c i can see...
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    iTunes Gift Cards

    I've been presented a problem. I received $30 in iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and have no desire to use them. Is there anyway I would be able to swap them out for Apple Store credit, or other merchandise? Is there somewhere I can take a little value hit and get rid of these for cash...
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    128 kbps vs. 160/192 kbps

    I'm starting to second guess my whole "128 is all i'll ever need" theory b/c i've just upgraded my car stereo to the new alpine cda-9857 with the full-speed ipod controls. the last dock connection that i had was the ipod2car box for the oem head unit on my silverado. every so often i could...
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    Undidentifiable Album that IS in iTunes Store

    I've recently abandoned the whole "i'm going to art my mp3's myself" vision and decided that the time and HD space that it requires isn't worth it when iTunes can do it automatically when the songs are imported. However, i've now opened up a can of worms, because a few albums that are perfectly...