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    Wireless Speaker Reccomendations

    I'm looking for some wireless speakers for my bedroom. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Gas Boycott

    As many of you know, gas prices are ridicilous, costing most of us well over $3.00 per gallon! On May 15, people are not to buy gas the day before or the day after to make the oil companies lose over 2 BILLION dollars, forcing them to lower prices. Comments?
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    Now iTunes can't locate my music!!

    I upgraded to 7.0 and installed it and everything now it can't locate any of my music? What should I do?
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    iPod Nano Skipping Songs

    Hi, a lot of you probably know me, I haven't been on the forums much latley because I've been pretty busy. Well anyways, A friend of mine has an iPod Nano and when she selects a song that song doesn't play and then it skips to another song. How can I fix this for her? Any help is great. Thanks!
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    Help Me Choose!

    Ok, so my old headphones are getting pretty crappy. They were Sony EX51's. They were good so now I'm looking for something as good or better. The price limit is around 40-50 and I want the earbud type. I was something that can get LOUD! Any recomendations is great. Thanks!
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    Don't know the name of song, how to find it?

    Well I've been thinking about songs I've heard of TV commercials and on the radio, I'd like to put them on my iPod. Does anyone have any tips on how they find the songs eventhough they don't know the name?
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    iPod Speakers Recomendations

    I'm going to get some speakers for my iPod. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about the iHome speakers.
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    How about an iLounge store?

    I was looking at today and noticed they had a cool store type of thing where they had clothing and other memorbilia types of things. I looked on iLounge and only saw 3 T-Shirts :(. Here is the ionmac link: I think it'd be cool if iLounge had...
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    SOLD:60GB iPod Video for sale

    60GB iPod Video for sale I have 2, 60GB iPod video's for sale. Both are brand new in the box, they are black. I have 100% ebay feedback which you can see here: eBay Feedback. I have over 2000 and am a trusted member of iLounge. You can contact me on AIM at afalconsvick or send me a PM. I can...
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    Deautorize computers

    Hi, I had my old computer which was iTunes authorized to play songs, well I threw that computer because it was shot. Anyway I could deautorize it now?
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    FS:Altec Lansing inMotion Speakers

    I have chose to sell my Altec Lansing inMotion speakers that I used for my old 3g 20GB iPod. I am selling them for $100. They retail for $150. They were just like new, I only used them about 3-4 times.
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    Getting a 5g, which color?

    I like both of the colors white and black, anyone have any reasons as to why I should which color?
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    Like New 3g 20GB iPod for Sale, Great. Please Look

    I am currently selling my 3G 20GB iPod because I am going to get a newer one. I am offering many of the accessories. For $200 you can get the iPod, iSkin, original case that comes with the iPod and the dock all for $200. Yes, that includes shipping. You can check it out on eBay...
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    iTunes won't play songs

    When I click a song in iTunes, it doesn't even start playing. There is no exclamation song and I know it isn't my speakers. When I click the song, iTunes will just sit there and nothing at all will happen. Anyone know why this is?
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    The Official MLB 2005 Thread, All Things Baseball

    This is the thread for all your baseball comments. Trades, favorite players and teams. Who you think is going to win the World Series.. Anything BASEBALL..:) I'm from Chicago so I like Cubs, the only way they can win is if Prior and Wood stay healthy. The Yanks also will do well but they need...