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    Undo iTunes Plus

    I clicked for iTunes Plus tracks to show up when applicable in the store, but is it possible to switch back? I have been looking but cannot figure it out.
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    I am cursed

    I seem to be cursed with earphones. My Apple stock headphones got all messed up at the area near the male connector port. My Apple In-ears randomly started playing at a extremely low volume. Then I got the griffin ear thumps. I loved them, but in the past week, the would play at a low volume or...
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    Changing hard drive icon

    I have a mac, and I am trying to change the hard drive icon. The candybar trial expired, so I have to do it manually. Every other icon works, just not the hard drive. Any help?
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    Problem downloading game

    I wanted to download mini golf but it said there was an unknown error. I updated to iTunes 7 and it also showed error with every other game.Any one else have this problem?
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    Seperate TV Shows

    After ripping Friends to iTunes, it just comes up as one file with all the shows. Is there any way I can seperate these by episode. I tried copying and renaming then changing start and stop time, but it renames all copies at once not seperatly.
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    iPod to TV

    Can you use a cable with only yellow and white instead of all three colors?
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    New iSkin The movie was ok...
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    Alternative Option for iPod AV cable

    What can I use besides the Apple AV cable to show my videos on TV. I tried a cord that came with my digital camera, but only the audio worked, not video.
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    It's March Madness Baby!

    How are you brackets so far Syracuse-any thoughts? I've got Duke winning it all, how about you?
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    What do I do with my songs?

    I am not really a computer genius and, I currently own a windows computers, but it is really slow, so I ordered a iMac G5. I am hooked up to my dads computer(also windows) and I was wondering how I can get my songs from my old computer to the new iMac. I don't want to pay to have to get it back...
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    Not Authorized To Play Music

    My dad just repaired/reinstalled my Windows and then I found the file my music my music and just like that everything was back. Then when I tried to play a song, it asked for my passsword to "authorize" my music So I did, then it said authorization was succesful. after that it said, "Could not...
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    Sound Problem With My Apple In-Ears

    When I got my 5G, I noticed a problem with my headphones that I didn't notice with my mini. The sound is significantly lower, and I have to play the music at full volume if I want to hear at what would normally be 1/4 volume. It's not my iPod, the stock earphones work fine. Should I try to fix...
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    What Would You Get With $50?

    I got a $50 Apple Store gift card for Christmas and I don't know what to buy with it. I was thinking about a universal dock and a $10 iTunes gift card. What would you get?
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    iPod Armour for Nano

    First Impressions? iPod Armour for Nano
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    How long can you Hold The Button?

    Do you have a life? If not see how long you can hold the button. Post your times too. I only got 30 minutes.