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    iPod Nano 2nd Gen Question

    My Ipod nano charges for about 10 minutes when i plug it into my laptop then it quits charging when i unplug it from the laptop it dies and wont turn on until i plug it back into the laptop via usb cable can anyone tell me what is wrong and also when i plug it in it says device can not be...
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    FS: "Red" iPod Nano 4gb

    I have a like new black iPod nano 4gigs for sale All You Get iPod nano 1st gen. 4gb iPod headphones usb cable firewire cable a/c charger case skin creator (disk) (cd-rom) 5 blank skins for the iPod I am looking to sell it for 140.00/shipped Payment Method Accepted PayPal - Money Order -...
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    FS: iPod Video 30gb (Look Inside)

    Hi Guys, I am selling my iPod Video (30 GB) (Black) It Comes With A/C Charger Cable 2 Cases (1 White, 1 Blue) Its condition is 8/10, It Just Has Scrathes like every iPod, no major damage I am looking 175.00 shipped I wont check this post often so if you have a email address, Email Me at...
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    Need Help Real Quick

    I'm over my friends house and I am trying to put songs on my ipod video i plug the i pod in and it only says new hardware has been plugged in or something then i go to i tunes and i am currently trying to transfer my songs from i tunes to the i pod can some one tell me how to do that plz Thanks
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    Fs: I Pod Video (black 30 Gigs)

    FS or FT : iPod Video 30gb Hi, I am selling my Black I pod Video 30 gigs The Reason I am trying to sell this is because I need money. Or If you have any kind of nano, and are interested in a video, either pm me or email me at [email protected] iPod Comes With AC Charger USB Cable I Tunes...
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    Couple Of Questions

    Hi, My name is ADI, I just bought a 30 gig black i pod for 50 dollars and my questions are 1. Can you install Itunes on a Windows ME, I have tried it says preparing to install and then after 10 seconds it dissappears and nothing happens Ive waited for like 10 minutes for it to contunue but...