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    Rubberized SmartCover compatible case?

    Anyone care to recommend a rubberized or other non-slip case that's SmartCover compatible. My hands are very dry and I need something that would allow me to grip the iPad better. Hard plastic won't do.
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    iTunes 9 Smart Playlist - songs synch but playlist name doesn't

    Anyone have a fix or workaround for this? I have a smart playlist in iTunes 9 that, when synched, copies all the songs over to my iPhone, but the playlist name does not show up on my iPhone. This is new behavior since iTunes 9 and I can't figure it out.
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    No more shopping cart... be careful

    iTunes 9 is one-click only. Be careful what you click on as you'll be charged and downloads will start immediately. There's no confirmation screen! NOT GOOD.
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    3GS USB cable fit issues?

    I had to try three different USB cables in my new 3GS before I found one that would fit securely. Curiously, the only one that works is a 3 year old one. Anyone else having issues? Should I swing by the Apple store and try to get a better one, or are all of the new ones "tight"?
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    Must haves for new iPhone users

    I need some help here. Besides a good case and battery backup, what else can't an iPhone user live without? Other accessories? Key apps?
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    Buy now or wait? 3g upgraders please comment.

    I finally have been able to cost justify the iPhone. I'm thinking about buying a 3g, then evaluating my options once the new phone/plans are rolled out in July. Last time, ATT gave recent purchasers 45 days for a "semi-free" upgrade that didn't involve a new contract or lots of conditions. If...
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    Thank you and happy holidays

    To all who make iLounge the rich site it is, thank you. Best wishes for the holidays.
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    Can someone post an "all clear"

    It would be very helpful to all if someone at iLounge could post an "all clear" message on the home page when its determined that it's safe to try the 2.0 updates for the original iPhone and touch. I'm not planning on trying until I get some indication from a reliable source.
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    Stuck on new T&C page

    Anyone having a problem getting past the new Terms of Service page to actually make a purchase? Mine's stuck on "Thank you for accepting the new iTunes Store Terms of Service. Please try your purchase again." I go back to the shopping cart, then get the danged ToS page again, and again, and again.
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    Manual synch. Anyone do it yet?

    I have both a Windows computer and an iBook, so I will need to set up my Touch on the Wintel machine first so that I can use it on both. Since the Touch purportedly doesn't have a disk mode, how do you synch manually? On my other iPods, I just drag the music files on.
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    2007 Airport Extreme ship date

    Anyone know whether "February" means the 1st or the 28th? Anyone gotten an update on their order yet?
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    New colors have arrived

    Dang! I wish I had waited. The orange one is just too sweet.
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    Best Wii site?

    Seeking opinions of the best site that provides coverage of the Wii and Wii games. Is there something like iLounge for the Wii?
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    Shuffle dock and USB extension cables

    Just an observation here, but the shuffle dock does not like my USB extension cable. Every other device I have works fine with it, but the little shuffle dock only plays nice when I connect it directly to the USB port on the computer. So, my words of advice... If you are having trouble getting...
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    Shuffle 2 vs Nano 2

    I'm interested in hearing from folks who have both. Have you decided which player you prefer for working out? Help me out here. I don't need two small players and am trying to decide.