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    Shuffle plus iPod dock

    somebody should make a dock which can take a shuffle and an iPod. and if you don't want to use the shuffle dock, then u can use it as a USB extension lead instead!
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    slide thing on headphones?

    there is a little slide thing on the headphones included in the iPod remote pack and in the shuffle what is it for?
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    what doesd one do with an old tape player

    SO what does one do with an old tape player? he opens it AND PUTS AN iPOD AND CONNECTION CORD IN! and then removes the cover for the tape player cos it gets in the way of the iPod and allows for the cord not to be bent. NOTE!:i have a cord which plugs any external audio device into the...
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    Only five usres a day are allowed to acces "...."'s

    what's with this! it's stupid! omg.... i was trying to lsiten to my firends music at school but probably some little year 7 kid using ourtunes accecesed it! grrr
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    impssible maths!

    Y=2x³-9x²+12x+8 find the co-ordinates of the stationary points and determine their nature... the nature of the stat points don't work! or is it jsut me. y"=12x-18 and the stat points are (1,13) (2,12) it's obvious that (1,13) is concave down, but the calclus says no!
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    Shuffle Screen

    the fact that the shuffle is USB means that making attachments very easy. i reckon i nthe near future that apple will release a USB addon which will have the Lossless encoding and all the other apple stuff, AND A SCREEN! this way they can still keep the shuffle cheap and if u wnat a sscreen...
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    iTunes won't minimse

    My iTunes won't minimse to the taskbar! it only goes when i press the goto desktop button/shortcut. argh! how can i fix this?