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    Cant get itunes to sync movies on 5g 30g

    I tried creating a playlist with the movies and syncing the list. Nothing. Tried chooseing individual movies. Nothing. Tried to manage file manually. Nothing. Music goes over and photos but "Movies" and "playlist" in Ipod are still empty. Any thoughts? I am running Vista and Itunes
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    1st gen Iphone motherboard testing.

    How can I test an 8gb motherboard? I am not sure if the battery is toast or if the MB is toast. Do I simply have to install it into another Iphone and check? Do I need to desolder the battery and resolder it to my other MB? Is there a tut for it?
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    FS 1st Gen 4gb Iphone with extras.

    I bought this Iphone with a broken/missing power button. When I got it the back case was pretty banged up. My cousin gave me an 8gig phone with a smashed up screen and we used the back case and the power button. I then jailbroke/unlocked it and was going to give it to my wife. Ever since I...
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    HDD blue cushions on 30gb

    I just got a 5gen 30gb video with a bad battery. When I got it it was in 3 diffrent parts. I see that the 2 piece blue cushions on the HDD are missing. I only have the larger one piece one. Do I really need them on both side and if so where can I find replacments?
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    Getting rid of duplicates in Itunes 8.0

    When I look at my music library its a total of 24.71 gigs of music. When I go to the "Recently added" under playlist it shows a total of 30.16gigs. Then I go under file(Im running Vista) "show duplicates" and that numbers then goes to 7.15gigs. Does that mean that all of that 7.15 gigs are...
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    Editing strings and Tones JB 2.1

    I forgot how to edit the strings on a jailbroken iphone 3g. Where is it done again? Also is there a way to change the tone for incoming mail and outgoing mail? Instead of the swoosh and the other tone?
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    Duplicates on Itunes 8

    I am running Vista and iTunes 8. When I go into file on the top, I go to "show duplicates" and it comes up with another library. Now I when first saw the list I saw duplicates that I deleted. My question is this. The entire library that it shows me when I click "show duplicates" are they...
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    1st Gen Iphone. 16gb FS

    Guys my cousin in NY wants to sell his Iphone to upgrade to a 3G Iphone. Its the 16GB model. Will come Locked or Unlocked what ever you want. He is wanting 325 plus shipping. If you live in NY around Chelsea you can meet up. He is getting me pics soon as it will come with the factory box...
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    BT and listening thru head phone jack

    So I drive around with my phone chargeing and connected to my aux input in my car. When the phone rigns I have to disconnect everything and put the phone to my ear. If I am using a BT headset can I just answer the call instead of doing all of the above?
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    WTF I am really hatin this crap!

    Above all other "bugs" with 2.0 and 7.7.1 last night I connect my Iphone to sync it and itunes says there was an error loading some library. Once it syncs my phone I lose all of my ringtones and nearly all of my free apps including Monkey tap that cost me 10 bucks!:shake:
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    Itunes 7.7.1?

    So what is this update going to do? Make the Apps run smoother?
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    ?'s on 2.0 JailBreak who has done there's? I is it a god send? Is it like the first 1.2 Jailbreak? What can you accomplish with it jailbroken? Do the old sources still work? Are they many programs out like "Customize". To me that was the best part!
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    Wifi on iPhone

    I am new to iPhone but I have never had this happen with my "hacked" Touch. I keep losing connection with my Wifi in my home. I connect enter my password. It says connected. I get rid of the "3G" icon on the top and it gets replaced by the Wifi ))) bars. After a while I look and the 3G is...
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    iTunes 7.7 lost nearly all my music.

    So I have 7.7 running fine on my Vista laptop but I just loaded it into my older workstation that is running XP pro, 2ghz celeron and 512 of ram. When I go to load a song, the song will start slow like an old record player speeding up then play fine. Also on like 80% of my 17gb music library I...
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    3G iPhone and ring tones

    I am new to iPhone and just picked up my 3G 16GB black. Can you simply make your own ring tones and alert tones? Or is this part of a jailbreak that has yet to be released for 2.0?