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Hi, I'm sorry, I just saw your message ! I've already bought a new back on the french website "Bricomac", very cheap and good quality ! But thank you for the proposal.
If you are interested, I've also bought a front case with click wheel on RetroSonicFidelity. It's very cheap ! And there are parts for iPod mini, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, 5th gen…
Hi there....I couldn't find any new backs either when I was looking....I do have good shape used, original finish with iPod/20gb etc on them if you are interested...just let me know...I did see 40 gb new ones I believe....
I was also relooking for this document, I thought I recognised that name :). OK, so you do things differently now I see, can I assume from what you say below though that having all those playlists set up doesn't actually work anymore?