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archurban 11-03-2005 08:04 AM

Post your music Videos, TV shows, short flims
I just wonder what kind of music videos, TV shows, movies you guys put into 5G ipod. it's time to show your entire video playlist. I will post mine later because it's more than 200. so I have to make list.

jiggyblau 11-03-2005 09:14 AM

so far:
Thriller music video
Both volumes of Family Guy (2 discs to go)
Various SNL Clips

lildudejds 11-03-2005 09:21 AM

i do not have my pod yet, but when i get it for x-mas im putting family guy season 1-4 on there

Chewie 11-03-2005 09:31 AM

Season One, Two and Three of Family Guy

Manchester 11-03-2005 09:42 AM

Wow mmace 350 music videos :o

So far I've got 2 music video's, some higlights from a United match and a bit of skill from Ronaldinho.

Is there anywhere yet for downloading music videos and other videos which are already in the correct format to go straight onto an iPod? Or is everyone having to just convert video's themselves.

How longs it taking to convert family guy? 4 seasons sounds pretty cool to have on your iPod :)

And I'm a total newb at all things iPod, this is my very first one so still getting into it :)

DJ Key 11-03-2005 09:42 AM

Ready to go on when it arrives - Vival La Bam season 5

mmace 11-03-2005 09:51 AM

Manc, I'd really like to help you, but being from Leeds and a United fan (the team that actually has United as their nickname) I'm not gonna

skill from ronaldinho?
isn't he the diving cheat?


archurban 11-03-2005 10:06 AM

200 music videos - sorry I can't type. it's too many.
8 TV shows - Desperate housewives, Lost, Night stalker.
3 Pixar films - for the bird, boundin', Geri's game
6 more video podcast - MacTV, commandN, delicious TV, Tiki Bar, KQED Gallery Crawl, Channel Frederator (it's fun weekly catoon)
5 DVD movies - Sin City, Sahara, Matrix 1.2.3

ipod_vgirl 11-03-2005 12:46 PM

65 music videos
1 movie
Of course, I just exchanged my defective unit so I haven't had the time to convert more of my videos but figure I should be at about 300-400 videos this weekend.

vinsanity_2_k 11-03-2005 12:58 PM

What program are you guys using to convert the files? And what do you think of it's ease of use?

mmace 11-03-2005 01:03 PM

I did use videora, but now I use Nero Recode because it's so fast

joeblake88 11-03-2005 01:03 PM

haha, ive only got about 15 short funny clips! These are awesome to just show friends as they only go about 30seconds and are really cool to watch (i.e amazing ping-pong rally, super awesom skate/car/vehicle-stacks, soccer playing elephants!:D)
oh, also 2 pixar clips and Kill Bill

What program is everyone using to convert their clips?
im using avs video converter

Crack Box 11-03-2005 05:43 PM

I have like 5 music vids, Scarface, Old School, and The Goonies, a couple of spot highlights (ie best of dwayne wade, nfl hits, etc) and a photoshop podcast which is about to get deleted..

btw , how can u delete the movie file from da comp but retain it in the ipod?

paulgator22 11-03-2005 06:25 PM

2 music videos (Thriller and ATLiens)
2 movies (Sin City and Donnie Darko)
3 tv shows (Season 3 of Arrested Development so far)

paulgator22 11-03-2005 06:26 PM


Originally posted by mmace
I did use videora, but now I use Nero Recode because it's so fast
how much faster and where do you get Nero Recode? Is it freeware?

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