Your Smart Playlist Ideas -- Post them Here


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How smart are your "smart" playlists


so the other day I was bored and I decided to make up a new "super smart" playlist which has 7 criteria.

However, I noticed that you can keep adding criteria apparently for ever. I managed to add enough "rules" that it scrolled off my screen and iTunes didn't complain.

So, my question is, how many rules does your "smartest" smart playlist have???


See this PDF tutorial written by iLounge member Code Monkey (thanks):
Managing Your iPod With Smartlists - Link updated.

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my momma always said, don't make a smart playlist that's smarter than you are...

haha but my smartest one has like 4 criteria...props to u


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Your Smart Playlists

What Smart Playlists do you have set up in iTunes, and what criteria do songs in your music library have to match in order to become a part of them? These are mine:

The Best Songs
My Rating is 5 stars
Limit to 50 songs selected by most often played

The Good Songs
My Rating is 4 stars
Limit to 50 songs selected by most often played

The Most Played
Play Count is greater than 49

The Nobodies
Play Count is 0

The Top 40
Play Count is greater than 19
My Rating is in the range 4 stars to 5 stars
Last Played is in the last 7 days
Limit to 40 songs selected by most often played

Encase any of you are wondering, the reason i start all the names of the Smart Playlists with "The" is so that they are grouped together. Post your Smart Playlists in order that people can get ideas for new and even more intelligent ones to create.


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I have "Everything" which is everything minus my iTrip tracks. Then, I made all my other random playlists smart updating, so I don't have to deal with them when I add a new album. I have one for "Hip Hop" and every time I add a new hip hop album, it goes in. Etc.

All my songs are great. Otherwise I wouldn't have them on there...


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I have some smart playlists with failry straight forward criterias... Its the naming of them that's fun!


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You can have conditions within conditions u know....e.g. I have a "fresh music" playlist and the conditions are playlist is "Nick's Music" a playlist that has 3 conditions, basically all my music minus comedy and iTrip stations, and the other condition is that playlist is not recently played (the default smart playlist that comes with iTunes, songs played in the last 2 weeks). So there u have a smart playlist with 2 conditions, but really 4. My fave smart playlist though is "Least Played Favourites". Playlist is Nick's Music, rating is 4-5 stars, limit to 40 songs, select by least often played. So awesome.


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I'm still in the rating process of the songs in my new iPod (three weeks)
So I usualy play the never rated play list -
And if I'm not in to rating I go with:
never rated OR
top rated
that way I get both :)


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1. "Everything BUT" : here I have a few negative rules, depending on what I don't feel like hearing right now, or what is not seasonally appropriate. Right now I've turned off genre names containing "Christmas" and "surf," and song titles containing "autumn," "september," and "summer."

2. "Long time no hear" : Songs I haven't heard for some long period of time. (Right now, 49 weeks, so that stuff will pop in that I last heard at roughly the same time last year.)

3. "Hot off the wire" : Added to the library in the last 3 weeks.

4. "49 + 3" : songs from either of the last two playlists. This is an interesting shuffle because you get an unpredictable combination of brand new stuff, and stuff you were listening to this time last year.

Plus genre lists: jazz, indie, chick, acoustic, etc. But to make this work, I fnd myself giving tracks complicated genre tags, so that they will pop into any smart list where they might fit in. This produces genres like "indie goth Euro chick" -- which looks like a mess, but actually I am finding to be quite useful. The key, of course, is to set the list to

Genre > contains > xxxx

as opposed to Genre > is > xxxx


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Recently added

Because I buy and add music on a regular basic, a really useful smart-playlist I've created is called RECENTLY ADDED. This lets me see and hear the stuff I've downloaded or ripped in the last fortnight. Here it is:

[Match the following conditions]
<Date added is in the last 14 days>
<Limit to 25 songs>

Easy......I think of this playlist as representing the top of my CD player, which is usually littered with my recent purchases.


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just wondering, how do you get a smart playlist that is truly random- i've got a lot of playlists, limited to 50 songs each, but they all add 'random' songs, ending up with basically full albums (like if i added a full album yesterday, it adds that) do you get it to be truly random?


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I'd like a smart playlist that includes full albums only... If I view all my music by album, I just get confused by the amount of stuff that appears to be on there, but of course a lot of it is just the odd track, or CD singles. I'd love to be able to browse complete albums only, but I don't know if it's possible...


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How do you make a smart playlist?

:) I'm not sure how you would do this, but I like the idea that was said in here, a list of 50 songs that are most often played.

Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thanks guys,


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File> New Smartplaylist

tick the limit to box, type 50 in the next box, select songs, selected by 'most often played'