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Your Best Jokes - Post 'Em Here


New member
Q: What do the latest iPhone applications do?
A: Whiten teeth and perform LASIK eye surgery!

Yes to these new features in the future. LOL


New member
I used to be addicted to brake fluid, but than I realized I could stop.

i also used to be afraid of elevators and now im taking the steps to avoid them.

last night i had a dream about cars... i woke up exhausted.

why are libarians so strict? they ahve to do everything by the books.

i dumped my boyfriend, he was an apostrophe, he was getting possesive.

why dont seagulls fly over the bay? because if they did they would be bagels.

i moved to sweden yesterday and dont like it much, but at least the flag's a plus

Thank you! (bows)