Will iPod Touch work with existing car iPod adaptors?


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I use my existing iPod with an alpine full-speed ipod headunit which connects through the bottom connector on the iPod.

Will the Touch (and for that matter the new nano and classis) work with existing iPod adpators that connect through the bottom port as they do not use the old ipod OS so I could imagine that none of the adaptors with work anymore!

Of course it would be crazy for apple to do that but they have not talked about it...any ideas?


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same 30 pin connector as 5g ipods, should work just fine unless they jacked with the software or something.

i sell scion for aliving which all come standard with ipod connections, so that was the first thing i checked, lol

Jesse Hollington

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The standard Dock Connector is provided, and we expect that it will work fine with any existing accessories, as it is being marketed as an iPod.

The iPhone was a different device, and had other issues that needed to be addressed due to GSM signal interference and interactivity with the other phone features. I would not expect this to be an issue with the iPod touch.

Further, Apple has improved accessory compatibility even on the iPhone with the last couple of firmware updates.

Of course, we will not know for certain until the device is actually releases.


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Just to let everyone know that my new iPod Touch worked fine with my full speed alpine iPod adaptor, although it did take longer to "connect" to the head unit than the old iPod - when it did it worked perfectly which is good news!


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Alpine iDA-x001 with the Touch

i have the Apline unit which had worked fine with my Video iPod. I bought a Touch and have found that with the Alpine unit that it freezes when the car starts vs the Video pod which started playing right away, just fine.

The Touch doesnt freeze everytime, probably 50% of the time. it is very annoying.

i have tried resetting the head unit and also wiped the Touch and reinstalled. no love.

anyone else have this issue?