Why iPhone 5C is the best iPhone ever


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So a few days ago, I dropped my iPhone from my friends balcony (5c) from the freaking 12th floor. Right on to the concrete road.

Glass was smashed. Body was fine. It sucked because I've had that phone for 7 years. I didn't want to upgrade. All I needed it was for email, phone and occasional text. It fit perfectly in my hand and if I needed the internet, I would briefly use it and be done with it.

These days, all the phones are like big as a mini tv so I had to decide what I would get this time as my new phone.

After going to my service provider (Fido), the girl is like "You know what, you have a really good plan. You might be better off purchasing another phone on your own".

That's all I needed to hear. I went to Amazon, got a sexy white iPhone 5C (With a proper case this time) and it feels good :) - Don't have to worry about a receipt since it's on Amazon.

It feels mighty good :)

A phone that fits in my hand :)


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Well the SE is still in stock in many places and size wise is the same. I know many folks who love it too. Very happy with my huge 7 plus. :)


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Haha, that's great or may be you were lucky enough for it, as the case was not same for me. Also it depend upon the location and customer service department there.