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What's Your Top 3 War Games


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I want everyone to make a list of what they would consider to be their favorite war-related games for the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. I know that everyone is going to find it hard to get the list down to only three, but you should try your best. If you absolutely can't get it down to three, you could do an honorable mentions section. If you could, please link to the game on iTunes. I always, always always always have problems with finding apps on iTunes. :shake:

EDIT: I'm actually not allowed to post links yet, because I'm a new member. Hopefully this will be changed soon, because I'm trying to contribute quality content to the community. Either way, I hope none of you have problems with finding things on iTunes like I do. So, if you're interested in any of the games I posted, you can search for them. However, if you're able to, please include iTunes links in your posts, so I won't have problems finding the games! :)

SuperPower - World at War - (Free)

This game is text-based game and it's very different from everything else that you'll find on the list. The other two games on my list are first person shooters, but I still consider them to be war games. Even though this game is vastly different and a lot of people consider text-based games to be a thing of the past, I still enjoy the hell out of this game.

I enjoy my shoot'em ups, but I also enjoy games that involve a lot of strategy and require you to think about your next move. This game is one of those games that you have to have a good strategy if you want to conquer the entire world. Also, it implements social networking capabilities, so that makes things very interesting.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - ($4.99)

This is a game that actually gets compared to the Call of Duty series a lot. If you are looking for a game that's close to playing a full-fledged FPS on a console, you're going to be really hard-pressed to find a better game than Modern Combat 3. This is one of the closest you can find if you're looking for that experience on a mobile phone or a tablet.

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance - ($6.99)

Are you a fan of the Halo series? If so, this game gets compared to Halo a whole lot. It's an absolutely beautiful game and this is the third installment in the franchise. These games just keep getting better and better as they go. If another one is released in the future, you may see me edit this post and put it above Modern Combat 3.

Code Monkey

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Clearly we are operating from a difference of definitions because I wouldn't even consider any FPS a war game regardless of setting. They are, at best, squad level tactical shooters, not war games.

As for me:

Great Big Wargame - Wonderful tongue in cheek humor with a simple but deep turn based combat system that is accessible to most.

Ravenmark - One of the finest turn based war games on any platform. Has a fantastically detailed world setting and a combat system that is unlike any other TBS out there. Does an excellent job of mimicking the limited control a general has over their troops while still being a grognard's dream. Cannot recommend this game enough to strategy fans (there is a forthcoming asynchronous multiplayer spinoff coming down the road from the devs).

Battle for Wesnoth / iWesnoth - Kyle Poole's original implementation of the open sourced Wesnoth TBS is, feature wise, still ahead of iWesnoth, but iWesnoth is currently being aggressively developed and improved upon, whereas Kyle has moved on so BfW is definitely aging in this era of retina game center clouded everything. Regardless, a great fantasy TBS with tons of campaigns and content.

Honorable Mention: Clash of Clans - not sure how Super Cell did it, but they created a nice little gem of a free to play asynchronously multiplayer war game that takes everything that worked in the million and one of these games that appeared on the web and mobile platforms over recent years and polished it into a game that's not exactly great, but is a ton of fun and deep while accessible (my 5 y.o. is having a blast with it in spite of having a village that looks like something a 5 y.o. built and gets steamrolled by anyone and everyone). It got Brad Nicholson over at TA to say positive things about it, and that guy usually rants like a drunken hooligan at anything "free to play".


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I'll admit that it's a little hard to call an FPS game a war game, but technically I believe it would have to fall into that category. Either way, I definitely appreciate the reply. :) I hope other people decide to join in on the conversation.


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the games you mentioned were really best , at present PUBG is my favourite war game and i have 19 kiils record ;it's really interesting.