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What Mobile Games do you play?


New member
I've been playing a lot of mobile games lately, however, sometimes i get bored of the repeat gameplay that developers publish in both IOS and Google Play. I'm looking for a unique and new game to play, can you suggest one for me?

I love rpg and mmorpg games.

Currently the only game i've been playing is Dragon EncounterTM. I've been playing it for quite awhile right now and I'm having a great time with it. Maybe you guys should try it. The game has costume customization, real time pvp and really amazing graphics. But i need diversity of games to play with my phone.

I hope you gays can help me with it.


New member
You can try XOLT. Played for quite some time. I am not into puzzle games but every now and then it can surprise you ;)


New member
I'm currently playing Human Resource Machine, a great puzzler made by the guys behind World of Goo which everyone should play at some point in their life.


New member
Mini game I playing when I have free time: 2048! Master (included 4 levels to play), so interesting and addicting.:thumbsup: