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What Is Someone Who Whips Called?


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So I'm doing a history project and I'm writing about gladiatorial games in Rome. I can't find what a person who whips is called. Do I have to call them the person that whips? I was leaning towards "whipper" or "whip cracker" but they don't really sound right.

Thanks for reading this bit of randomness and thanks in advance for the help.


Greatest Champion in the free world whipping someone. I think that sounds the best.


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Call them Devo........................

I was into Gladiator history, and i don't recall a gladiator who faught with a whip; nets and lassos yes, whips no.


Better Than Cats
I mistyped... It's about gladiatorial games AND the persecution of Christians. Who did get whipped. Yeah. I decided on "the whip cracker" despite the fact that my teacher would probably dig a Devo reference.


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Flogger would be more of a Latin derivant. Whip is a word of Middle English origin.


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HappyDAPer said:

oops, did I post a little too much about myself there? :eek:

It doesn't count without pictures.

And back on thread: flagellator or in a more specific sense lictor....
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Wielding the whip would not have been someone's primary task - and their job title would have been something different. It's a bit like calling a chef a saucepan-stirrer - it gives some idea of one element of their job, but it sounds stupid and is inaccurate.

It's likely to have been a jailer, a guard, an over-seer, the captain of the guard, or whatever.