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What are the "gotta have" Apps from the AppStore?


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I just got my iPhone 3G and have been looking through the AppStore. There seems to be so much stuff there it's hard to keep track of. What are some of the Apps that are "gotta have"? Thanks for any help!



Remote - lets you control your itunes library in your wifi network. Awesome app from Apple themselves. Definite must have

Yelp - connects to the yelp database for finding user rated businesses in your area. Great if you are looking for the nearest great secret restaurants and more. I keep this right next to google maps.

ToDo - to do list... something that should have been included with the iPhone. It's free, and there are many versions out there. I like this one.

Galcon - completely addicting RTS game that makes perfect use of the touch features of the iPhone. You can play against the computer, over the internet, or friends on your wifi network. This game is SICK and totally worth it. $5

Pandora Radio - creates playlists for you based on a song you tell it that it thinks you will like based on tone, bpm, instrumentation etc... streams the music to your iphone. Really great for finding new music.

Labrynth - There is a free "Lite" aka "Free" version with a few levels. Probably the best example of how accurate the accelerator is on the iphone. Bizzaringly realistic. The paid version comes with lots of levels.

AirShare - turns your iphone into a wifi hard drive. Perfect for storing word, excel, audio etc files and documents on your iphone for reference etc... Right now its a tad buggy, but it's free. There is a reason its one of the top downloads in the app store right now.


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Enigmo is such an addictive game - wonderful graphics and easily worth the price

Evernote allows you to keep notes, pictures, voice memos on your iPhone as well as synced between multiple PCs (Win or Mac) and it's free!

Tap Tap Revenge is another excellent freebie and it's colourful, musical and entertaining - what more can you want

Instapaper Free is a really useful app for saving webpages to view later on

hopefully that should get you started!

also agree with Remote, AirShare, To-Do and Labyrinth Lite
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Some of the apps I've tried so far and like are:

-Diabetes Log - daily recording of information & good app for diabetics.

-Close Call - Allows you to put an emergency number on your phone for contact.

-Aurora Feint - it's a free game.

-Shanghai Mahjong - has a variety of choices for tile layout, tileset art & backgrounds.

-Simplify Media - allows you to play you music files from you library.

-Pandora - is an internet radio that is really good.

-Bejeweled2 - one of my favorite games. Had to have this on my iPhone.

-Weather Bug - I like this one because it also gives me air quality alerts.

-Labyrinth LE (free version) - fun game.

Just found an app for people with Asthma for peak flow & medication recording called "e-Agent". Haven't purchased it yet but will try it out.

NapkinStudio.com "What's On" is an app that gives you TV listings for over-the-air, cable & satelllite stations for the US & Canada (in the 1.0.2 update coming when Apple releases it). The app is $1.99 so I'll try this one as well.

If you like any or all of these games then this is a good buy. It's Freeverse, Inc's. "Big Bang Board Games". It's several games in one for one price $7.99:
-Tic Tac Toe

iPhone Gems articles. These are detailed articles on different iTunes Store applications including pictures.


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Photoswap is officially my new favorite iPhone app. You take a picture, and it gets sent to some random person somewhere. When you do so, you receive a recent picture from someone else. You can reply to that person's photo with a photo of your own, or you can send another photo to another random person and get a new random photo in return. Totally addictive! Be sure to check out the Flickr Group, too!

Prior to that, my fave apps were Shazaam! and iLightr (never fails to get a laugh!).


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My personal favorites

Air Sharing - Amazing amazing amazing app

WeatherBug - Just a simple free weather app with current conditions, forecast, non-moving radar, and webcam pics of surrounding areas

iProcrastinate Mobile - I like using this to keep track of all my upcoming assignments for my classes. Helps me keep track with my online classes.

Palringo - It's the only decent free IM app I've used that you can use MSN on

AP Mobile News - I prefer to read news articles through this than in safari or Google Reader

Remote - Just as stated above

Myspace/Facebook - I think they're pretty good apps if you use those sites... Myspace is certainly better viewed through the app than in safari because of all the ads it tries to load.

Google - Only reason I use this app is because it basically auto-completes and typing on the iPhone/iPod touch isn't very efficient

Sportacular - I use MLB.com At Bat to follow baseball, but I think Sportacular is the best all around sports app for following any sports

Solebon Solitaire - I can spend hourrs on this one... Just 99 cents for 30(?) different variations of solitaire. Try the free version first though, Sol Free

iWik - Good wiki viewing app... Not really necessary though IMO


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Here are my top apps:

Trulia - Helps with the Real Estate Career
Loopt - I'm an LBS junkie
WHERE - Love the Starbucks Finder and Gas Buddy widgets
Pandora - It reads my musical mind
Facebook & MySpace - Must Haves
Twitterific for Twitter


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my top app is by far

Melbourne Metro; it tells you the departure time for trains, busses and trams from every station in Melbourne - very handy and updated constantly. you can probably get the same thing for each major city.


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My favorite app for music

I like 4 tracks from LittleCodeShop, it is very simple to use and as a vocalist I find it's a must have on my iphone.
It includes a metronome and allows for recording 4 tracks of audio.


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Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

non game apps:
- Shazam (auto detects music playing using the iphone microphone)
- Pandora (free radio! woot)
- Air Sharing (nice little way to view e-books pics, and documents)
- Air Mouse (I use this to drive my laptop when I plug it into my TV. It rocks!)

- Topple (Really innovative physics/sticking game)
- Shooz (Hilarious horseshoe game. can't stop playing it)
- zen pinball (iphone needs more pinball games. This is the best so far)
- crash nitro racing (I have a soft spot for bandicoots)
- cannon challenge (I played this all the time on the web. This is a free iphone port)
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Cycorder allows you to record movies with the iPhone camera.
Mxtube let's you download YouTube movies.
BiteMMS let's you get MMS on your iPhone.


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honeybee1236 said:
These apps are not in the iTunes app store.
Ah ok, well they are the most useful. Sad when jailbroken apps are more useful than the thousands of "legit" apps (do we really need 20 different flashlite apps?).

So for non-jailbroken apps....

1. Jaadu - AWESOME VNC client. Works great!
2. Beejive - best Trillian multi-instant messenger out there.
3. Ewallet - stores encrypted info, I put all of my credit cards, house info, serial numbers and anything else that I don't want known if I lose my iPhone.
4. AirSharing - use your iPhone as a regular USB-type fob for moving files back and forth between different machines.

Note that these apps are $10 to $25 each --- well they act like expensive apps. They actually do something useful!

4. eBay - better than using mobile Safari to surf ebay.
5. Trapster - nice to have if you are in a new town and want to know where all of the stationary speed traps are (Phoenix AZ has TONS of them on the freeways)
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My Favs:

Wikiamo - Wikipedia interface

Weatherbug and WeatherEye - 2 Weather apps? They fill different niches in weather info presented. WeatherEye is better for a quick glance at current conditions and forecast, while Weatherbug allows you to look at satellite photos, and is very granular when selecting weather stations.

Flixter - Shows what's in theatres near you, with showtimes, ratings, trailers, etc. Also shows what's on DVD. Great app

i.TV - Love this app too, Shows local tv listings, with ratings and previews, allows customized channel lineups (you can hide the channels you don't get, or want to see), You can show only movies, or shows in HD, sports, specific genres. Awesome.

WiFinder - Use this to browse and connect to wifi hotspots. Shows signal strength, and which ones aren't secured.

JellyCar - Fun game, interesting physics

Rogue - classic roguelike port, very cool

All of those are free apps, at least they were when i got them. The only app i've paid for is Enigmo, and it was worth the $2 i paid.

Lets keep this thread alive everyone.


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Personal essential app list:

Wordpress - blogging on the go, but only really useful if you actually have a Wordpress account

Evernote - notes app that is free, and syncs with Evernote app on your computer. Also really handy because you can sort into different notebooks (for instance, one for hobbies, one for family, and one for work or school), and take audio, and image notes as well.

SuperDial - Cool app that allows touch speed dialing, by arranging contacts with their contact images in a single page. It's also very customizable.

SmartCamera - allows you to take a few different kinds of images. I found this when looking for a camera app that would allow me to shoot B&W images with my phone, and got a bit of a bonus: it supports lighter, darker, inverted, & black and white images, along with a 10s self timer and 3s stable self timer.
To add to my list of apps I have and like:

iTV - Great TV listings app
ToDo - a list that displays a the number of items not yet done.
DeskClock - just a nice desk clock that displays month, day, date, year in a choice of 5 colors
Multi-Photo - to send multiple photos to any email address.
Diamedic - diabetic record keeper of insulin taken and meter reading.
The Arena - Aurora Feint upgrade
GroceryIQ - great app for keeping a list of grocery items.
Manual of the United States
Photo Labeler - great when taking photos to label them when you take them. You can also label photos already in your library.

Games I purchased:
Yahtzee Adv.

WordJong - just got this game but haven't played it yet.

Edit 8/5/09:
Awesome Note by BRID
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My apps

Google Earth - neat little port of as you can imagine Google Earth. Free
Wikiamo - Wiki Interface, not necesary but easy and quick. Free
Wifinder - Awsome App and it is free, find wifi networks that the iphone it self won't find sometimes must get for wifi hunters. Free
Ihandy Level - Neat soft level, uses your phone's accelerometer to find angle degrees. I would'nt use my phone on a construction site as a tool but nice to have in your pocket should the random need arise. Free
The Torch - A makeshift flashlight, not a flashlight replacement but I have used this when the power went out in my house and needed to find my way around breifly. Free

Hero of Sparta - Graphically WoW, Gameplay WoW, the game is an amazing spectacal of what the iphone can do however you must have a taste for rpg games. This is the game which imo raises anticipation levels of the iphone rivaling actual portable game platforms. was $10.99 now $ 5.99
Blackbeard's Assault - Addictive unique puzzle like game. Free lite version and Pay version
Flick Fishing - Very nice pocket fishing game, addictive and graphically well textured, worth the $ 1.99
I bowl - Recently Updated, Very nice pocket bowling here and the price is just perfect at Free
Tap Defense - Neat tower defense type game well programed, wish there were some new stages but won't complain for Free
Fish Tycoon - Neat little game for kids if yours have a touch or phone, worth the the 2 bucks for the full version for them Free lite version and Pay version


i love poker deluxe it cost 99 cents but i think there is a free version. the free one gives you 200 chips per day that you play. 99 cent version gives you 2000 chips per day that you play. there are more expensive versions that give you more chips. NOTE: it is an online game with other people from iPhones, facebook, the zygna website, and myspace. there might be some others.

if you are a soccer fan, real soccer 09, it is a must have. play as any team, normal and international. there are also cups and leagues. it is like fifa but for the iphone.

also get tap tap revenge. it is free and is like rockband or guitar hero but you tap instead of strum. you can play online verse other players and download new songs. tap tap dance is like it but it cost 4.99. i dont think that you should get this. it is like tap tap revenge except that you can not play online and cannot download new songs. i have it and only played it once but i have played tap tap revenge a million times.
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