Watching Movies


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I am going out of town next week. Is there a way I can watch my movies on my itouch 2g on a larger tv. I bought a cable with audio video outputs and a 3.5 mm connetor to the ipod. When I plug it into the tv and put the tv on the correct input all I get is sound no picture. Should I have bought the av cable with the dock connecter.

Thanks for any help.
Yes, you need the AV cable with the dock connector. Your best bet would be just purchasing Apple's official cables since you don't have to worry about compatibility with them. Those el-cheapo cables that you find on eBay/Amazon may or may not work with your iPod. The 3.5mm connection (for video) was last used in 2006, Apple stopped supporting it with the iPods they released in 2007. That is why you are only getting audio and no video.