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Wanna go to App Store page from app


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I have a bad habit of downloading any app I come across that's free and seems interesting. As a result, I have something like 1,000 apps, and many times I go thru them and find that I don't remember what some of them do. I try to categorize them when I get them, but sometimes I forget to do that, too. What I'd like to know is, is there a quick and standard way to get from the app's icon to the App Store page for that app? I'd like to avoid starting the app and blundering thru it to try to figure out what it's for; so ideally I'd like an option in the 3D touch menu to open the App Store focused on the app I touched. Is this possible? Is there an app that can add this functionality?


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You can search for the app in the App Store and read the description by tapping on it.

Or use a browser to search for the same information.

So there are 2 apps that provide that functionality.


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Yes, I know about these, but I was hoping for a faster way to do it - and one that doesn't depend on knowing the full name of the app (which is not always the same as the icon title).


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Okay, for the benefit of anyone who has a similar question, here's what my experimentation has shown to be the easiest way (still not as easy as it ought to be, IMO, but... :( )...:
  1. Hard press on the app's icon;
  2. Select Share {this app} from the menu;
  3. Tap Copy link;
  4. Go to Safari (or whatever browser you prefer - it doesn't matter, because you won't be there long);
  5. Tap the URL bar, pause, and tap again;
  6. Select Paste and Go from the menu;
  7. When it asks Open this page in "App Store"?, tap Open.
If anyone has an easier procedure (particularly one that doesn't require a side trip into and out of a browser), please let me know.
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