Videos not displaying in Playlists in iOS6 on iPhone 5


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Hi all :)

Just transferring all my music and videos to my new iPhone 5, but am very puzzled as to why my videos do not appear in my video playlists. I'm running iOS 6.0 and iTunes 10.7.

- If I open one of the playlists in iTunes I can see the videos there, and play them in iTunes no problem.
- If I go to the Videos app, I can see all my video files (albeit it a long list, not in playlists), and I can play any of them without issue.
- But if I go to one of the playlists in the Music app on the phone, it's empty!
- Strangely, if I tap the edit button on the phone, tap the + button to add a 'song' to the playlist, and then tap 'Done', I can see all my videos in the playlist with the red minus symbols next to each of them. But as soon as I tap 'Done' again they all disappear!

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here? All these videos played fine on my old 3GS by the way ....

Many thanks for any advice :)




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Just found the solution! If you go to Get Info and change the Media Kind from Movie to Music Video under the Options tab, they all now appear in the playlists!

Hope this helps someone if they have the same problem :)




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There you go! Thanks for stating the problem and finding your own solution! :D
It will surely help to remind everyone to check all the options under itunes-there are lots of easy things to miss there.


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Hi David,

I faced the same problem when i upgraded to ios 6 on my iphone 4. However, when i visited I tunes, i could not find Music Video under options tab. The only option available was Music and some others. I chose Music from the Media Kind, however, it still does not change anything. The videos are still not seen under the playlists.


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I solved 4s

I also had the same problem. iOS6 on my iPhone 4s.
and solved by this thread.
1. Right-Click on the musicvideo file.
2. Click "Info" (can slightly differ, I only can see my country language.)
3. option tap "Option" (then you can see "Volume Adjusting", "Equalizer.." and
4. Media Kind (M): [video? ==> Music Video]

iTunes 10.7

I wish this help you. thanks everyone.


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Thank you so much for this information. I am very glad I found this temporary solution! I want to add some further information:

I say this is a temporary solution because it finds a way around the problem but doesn't fix the issue. I am hoping that Apple will find a way to fix this on the iphone and on the ipad. But changing the movie files to music videos, puts everything under music instead of being listed separately and I prefer for my "movies" to be listed separately so it is easy to differentiate in itunes. Having all the files under music is very inconvenient.

This is what I did in the meantime to follow what I learned on this thread. Keep in mind that it will take a while to go through this process so only do it when you have some free time and you don't need access to your phone.

I selected all my movies then clicked the Get info so all would convert at once. Then I changed the media kind to music video.

Don't forget that once you change the kind, you will have to recheck all the "videos" you want to include in your playlists (under MUSIC on your iphone), and you will have to check off "include music videos". Now the movies will not show up in your videos app. It will take a while to copy all these files back to your phone. Until it does, the files will be "greyed out".

Alas changing the video file to music video does not work on the ipad. You hear the audio, but you only see a screenshot of the video. Now unfortunately the videos won't work under video app either, so you won't be able to view these videos on your ipad, if you view them using playlists on your iphone. Something to consider if you have multiple devices.

I will say one thing, it almost seemed like I have more room on my iphone and that the "music videos" takes up less space than the "movies" did which I know doesn't make any sense so it must be something in the way that it is listed differently which is giving me more space on my iphone because I can include a lot more "videos" than I used to and that is VERY HELPFUL!

Hopefully Apple will fix this so it will work under the old way being listed as movie. In the meantime, this is a good temporary solution.

Hope this helps!

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Video on iPhone 5

I found a solution to the music videos not transferring to my iPhone 5. Connect your phone to the computer. Click on iPhone in the upper right hand corner (next to iTunes Store). This brings up the "Summary" tab for your iPhone. Across the top are several tabs. Click on "Music". There is a selection "Sync Music". Underneath are four options. You have to select "Include Music Videos". Sync your phone and all music videos that are checked in your library will transfer over.
Also with audio books, you have to scroll down undr books select "Sync Audio Books".
Apple is making you work to include everything. :)
Hope this helps.


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Unless the Music Video is not set as the Media Kind for the track, the videos must otherwise appear under the Videos app. Correct me if I am wrong.


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Just found the solution! If you go to Get Info and change the Media Kind from Movie to Music Video under the Options tab, they all now appear in the playlists!

Hope this helps someone if they have the same problem :)


Many thanks, your solution worked.

Highly appreciated