using 2 HDD for Itunes library help/advice on Windows 10


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Hi- I am needing to use 2 HDD for my iTunes library as I have lost my existing NAS drive option
I am going to be uising 2 x 8TB drives- 1 for Movies and one for Music/TV Shows- its a Windows 10 machine.
I cannot replace the NAS due to no space after a rejig of my office and only have the room for my main pc

Is there a simple way to do this so I will be able to load all at the same time and see it on Home Sharing on my ipad Pro

Many thanks


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If you can make the drive appear as 1 drive then yes that will work.

My suggestion (though untested) is you may be able to use a symbolic link to make a folder from one drive point to a folder on another drive. For example, if you had a large amount of Movies in your library, you could have the Movies on the second drive and create a link from the first drive to the second drive.

Second drive is installed with a permanent drive letter M and has a Movies folder, organized like you want or by iTunes standards.
First drive you go to where the Movies folder would reside (Typically iTunes\iTunes Media) and you would create a link to the second drive mklink /j Movies M:\Movies

Now the first drive looks like it has the Movies folder, but the data is actually stored on the second drive.
I have not tested this, so I am not 100% positive that iTunes will recognize it, but it should. I may be able to try an experiment at home this weekend.


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Yes that works. I moved 1 artist folder from my E to C drive to test.

Used the mklink command from a command prompt and iTunes sees the folder as if it were on that drive.

That should allow you to use 2 drives by hosting 1 or more large folders on the second drive.

The only downside is that a backup of the first drive MIGHT get all the data from the second drive instead of the link, making a restore difficult. I can't test that because I don't have your software for backups.