updating iTunes from backup music library


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Help, please!
iTunes on my MacBook Pro is missing quite a few songs (exclamation points abound) and I just found the actual missing MP3 files on an old backup drive.
Is there a slick way to both synchronize all the external folders of music with my main iTunes Music folders (on a different external drive), and also update iTunes when I do this.
I don't want to point iTunes to the missing files on that backup drive because I plan to format it and put it to use.


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The "slick" way to resolve this is done by restoring the backup using the software that backed it up. The other option is to put each song back by hand, as you copy the files from the backup drive to where they should be located within iTunes.

Steps for the manual method:
Right click the file with the exclamation point and choose Show in Windows Explorer
When it asks you to locate the file, click the locate button and it should open where the file was originally located.
Open a second Windows Explorer on the back up drive, drag from the back up drive and drop on the folder where iTunes was looking for the file.

If the Windows Explorer opened by iTunes is not where you think it should be (the default is ...Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\<Artist>\<Album>\<song>.<ext> where all the <> things are replaced with the actual artist, album, song name and extension of the file) you may need to navigate to where it should be in Windows Explorer, or you can right click the song and choose Song Info and look at the File tab to see where iTunes expected the song to be. You can even select the path, copy it and use it to navigate to the correct location in Windows Explorer.

Obviously the back up came in handy. You should make a new backup after resolving the problem, to be ready to fix the next problem that comes along (hard drive failure, flood, fire...)