Transferring iPad Books


New member
Can someone please help me? To break it down:

- I had about 100 books in iBooks on my iPad

- I clean installed my MacBook Pro and reinstalled everything

- With a new iTunes, I've added five books, which are on my computer

- I want to add them to the iPad but I can't transfer them because the only way I can is to "sync" but it only gives me the option to erase everything on my iPad in order to sync with the library on my computer which is only five books

- So how do I 1) add the books to my iPad easily, 2) have all the books, the 100 plus the five new ones all consolidated and in the same library? Where's the option? Why can't it be as simple as dragging and dropping?

I don't get why it's so complicated. I would appreciate if anyone knew of an easy and simple solution that is eluding me.


Staff member
If you had a backup of your original library, and you restored it to the rebuilt computer it would allow you to sync without erasing.