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on some of my albums in itunes the track numbers are out of order when i sort them by anything but track number. the track numbers are all correct according to the song, but they're just listed out of order. is there a way to fix this?
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make sure all files have the same album artist, same album (no spaces, etc), and all have disc tags filled in first. Do you have the compilation tag checked for any files? make sure all files are either true or false. Checking and fixing these things will hopefully fill out the issue, if it doesn't I'll have to search for some old threads on how people have solved this issue in the past.


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I have the same issue. I'm currently running iTunes 7.0.1 for Windows. I don't think I had this problem with older versions of iTunes so I suspect it's one of numerous bugs I've seen with the latest version of iTunes. If you know of a fix I'd appreciate it. I checked all the things you mentioned but they were all set properly. Most of the albums are sorted correctly by track, but several are not. I suspect the ones I added after upgrading to 7.0 are the ones out of order, but I'm not 100% sure that's true.
This type of issue has been present previously, but it has seen an increase in problems since the iTunes update.

Are the songs in questions ones where you purchased some tracks from the iTunes store and then finished off the album with personal rips?

Sometimes changing the album tag for all songs and then readding the album tag can fix it.

Make sure that all songs for the out of order albums have disc 1 of 1 filled in if appropriate. Make sure that some don't have this filled in, while some don't, either make it so all have it or all don't have it.

Make sure that you have 1 of xx in the tag field and not just 1 of blank, etc.

Album artist is a big problem now. Double check that album artist is the same for all tracks in the album.


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OK, found the problem. The Album Artist was different due to each track having a different Artist. I import my tracks from CD, but using EAC to get the tracks from the CD not iTunes. At first I thought maybe iTunes was copying the Artist tag to the Album Artist tag but this isn't the case. Turns out the problem is another application I use for tagging, Tag&Rename. That program seems to copy the Artist tag to the Album Artist tag if Album Artist is left blank, which isn't, in my opinion, the appropriate behaviour and provides no way to blank that tag. But after importing into iTunes I can blank the Album Artist tag by selecting all the tracks, going into Get Info, then putting a check next to a blank Album Artist field. This restores the correct track order for the album.

I don't have the latest version of Tag&Rename so maybe I'll see if updating it fixes the problem...

Thanks for the help.

P.S. This is off-topic, but do you know if the new iPods allow browsing the library by Album Artist?