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The Definitive "Introducing Myself" Thread


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Hello all! Feeling old when I think about owning one of the original iPods. Big chunky white brick that at the time I claimed was big enough and good enough that I would never have to buy another music player again! Oh how things change!
Welcome to iLounge! I came a little later to the i-party, my first was an iPod mini. Yes, a LOT has changed, not just in the equipment but also the way in which I listen to music now. Used to be all about the album, now its great to put a playlist on shuffle (sure beats making "mix tapes"!)

Enjoy your stay, lots of info available to you here ...


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Hi y'all
My name is Mike and I came here to talk about apple of course and in specific about Apple Music that is being launched in around 30 minutes.
See ya around:)


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Hi, I'm Matt and i've been an iTunes user since before it was even called iTunes. It started out as a shareware app called SOUNDJAM MP (where MP means MUSIC PLAYER) and that's what iTunes still is for me. I hope I can help some folks out, and find solutions for my own angst over how iTunes is becoming worse and worse at being that good ol' MUSIC PLAYER that I need it to be. Also seeking alternatives to iTunes, even considering learning to code so I can create my own music player to suit my needs.

I hope to find a good living community here and not just some kind of promo-tool like in the Apple-owned forums.



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Hi All,

I am Placi. I am happy to be a part of iLounge. Just a month ago I bought an iPhone 6S so I think this forum will keep me updated and clarifies my smart little doubts.



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I signed up for this forum but I wasn't sure if I was going to use it much. I was actually looking for a good podcast forum, since one of my most used apps is to listen to podcasts.

I'm pretty firmly in the apple eco system, with an IPhone, IPad, and ITunes. It's served me well over the years.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Todd and I am a Community Manager for the indie game publisher M4. I personally play a lot of mobile games, and even got an iPad just so I could play even more! I would love to talk about what your favorite mobile games are, and why they stick out to you.

I thank you for letting me chat with you here and I look forward to talking with you all! I hope to spread word about their upcoming games with you soon.

Music Lounger

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New To Forum


My name is Phill. I am an Australian. My main interest is with Itunes. The majority of my library is recorded in Apple lossless. I run two libraries so that one backs up the other so that any loss can be quickly addressed. My sound system is "old school" and my main media computer is connected to a Rotel powered 7.1 system connected to high quality Australian manufactured cabinets fitted with Seas speakers. Other speakers and amplifies service other parts of the house. My sub is a genuine Adair Tumult with an Adair 800 watt amp. This is by design a home theatre set up but is very competent in playing music at close to audiophile quality. Apple TV is also connected to this system as well as cable TV.

Itunes has been a challenge at times but my library of about 60,000 songs is stable and well maintained. One issue I would like to resolve is the microphone images displayed in Artist view and also to get more consistency with the allocated genres.

Hopefully other members of this forum can help me resolve these issues.


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Hello Everyone! Nice To meet You

Hello And Good Evening From My Timezone To all Of You Guys!

I'm new here and please to make your acquainted
please guide me if i have anything wrong-doing
and pardon me for my bad english
thanks a lot !