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The Definitive "Introducing Myself" Thread


New member

My girlfriend recently bought the iphone 5 and I wanted to learn more about it since Im an android user myself.

This seems like a nice place to start ;)


New member
Hi! I'm new :)

I have an iPhone 4S and thinking of upgrading... but really not sure, I like my phone too much and I like my case that comes with it, lol I'd hate to change really lol


New member
who I am!!!

Hi to everyone here in this forum. My name is Vasco from Portugal and have been for some time thinking of a simpler way to get to my family and my friends because I spend a lot of time away from home and often without internet access. I decided to try this idea ofPodcasting and found interesting. I started a short time ago, and thought it was better to get a forum to learn a little more. So here I am.


New member
Introduce myself

Hi to everyone , I'm a 67year old who has been thru the mincer (twice) there and back countless times and old enough to know that every day I get is a bonus. I am new to computers and the likes of and I have been give an Ipod Nano,(fascinating).I want to get to know it and get the best from it while I've still got the time.Thank you very much to one and all for any help that you can give me and if I can do the same for anyone out there I shall be only too happy to do so.
Thanks Everyone. :)


New member
Introduction, new member

Greetings to all. I started this morning, looking for a better input device, than my Ring Size 15 finger !!! Great finger, but this is an iPad Mini, and its covered with a Zagg Screen protector.... Sometimes input isn't !!! Or Doesn't, is more accurate !!!

So, trying a new search engine, Izak (for me, two stars, more later) and I see iLounge !

I have been using my iPad for about four months, leaving behind the world of Heavy (weight) Notebooks, Lap Tops, etc.

Got lots of Apps, 'X'd out' lots of Apps... But still trying to ~get comfortable~ inputing.

Oh, my Zagg BT keyboard is seldom used, but excellent when I do, its just not convienant say as I enter input as current!

So thats me,


small "p" on Porpoise ! I use humor to fight pain in body, so forgive if you see it strangely occur....


New member
Hello again to all! An old-timer who haven't been around in a while. Used to enjoy accessing these old mp3 player forums and discussing music and everything about the little neat devices. They certainly have faded a bit from their glory days, and I have also gotten older but I still love my music and always will. Hope everyone has a great holiday season and Rock On!!!


New member
I Am So Happy

I have just signed in to iLonge.

I received from Santa the all new and sexy iDevice, it's the iPhone 5S in gold and OMG, I am in love with what this little sexy thing can do.

I am very new to Apple products even though I own the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPad, few weeks ago I got the Macbook Air and recently as stated above, the iPhone, I am super excited!

I thank you for letting me talk to you and signing with iLounge, pardon me for my English, I am Greek residing in your country. Georgia is the state when I am "talking" with you at this moment.


New member
Hello, everyone! I'm here to learn and share what I can. I use an iPhone 5. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. I currently have no computer. My laptop was running XP and was not otherwise doing well. I have yet to obtain another one. But, hey, this iPhone does great!

Sent from from my ancient but trustworthy iPhone 5


New member
Hi Everyone

I am a new member... I LOVE technology and I'm amazed at how fast things change!! Looking forward to learning new things everyday!