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The Definitive "Introducing Myself" Thread


New member
New Member

Hello everybody, new member here. Just wanted to introduce my self. I own an apple iPhone, and am looking forward to learning more about it as welll as improving my phone. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated and welcomed. Thank you all, and glad to be here.


New member
Hi! My name is Jay and I'm here to be the annoying market research guy :) In all honesty I'm an app developer myself specializing in UX. I spent some time lurking here and I like the feel of the forum and the peeps seem nice. Don't worry, I wont be advertising any products (unless you want me to :p), but I might be posting poll threads every now and then (when I'm not slamming concurrent apps :D).

Anyway, I hope to have a good time here guys and goils, and I hope to learn from you how to make apps that people like :)


New member
Hello everyone, I am Banadic Taustin, I am newly join this community for share and gain lots of knowledge and I am really happy for join this community.


New member
New Member

Hi Everybody,

Sam Arketah is new member of this forum saying hello to all new and existing members as well. I'm feeling glad by being a part of this community.


New member
Hi! I'm a new here, too! Nice to meet you and I want to introduce myself, before exploring this forum better.


New member
Getting confused shopping for the charger for our 2 iPads, iPad 2. One site has a 2.0 USB cable, another touts a 5Volt one. Are they all the same. I know I need the at least 10 watt plug, but also need the cable to go from the plug to the iPads.
Hii Everyone...nice to meeting you.

My self Harisingh Rathore.

I am new to this forum.